Memorial Building
Southern Alberta Pioneers and Their Descendants
3625 4th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2S IY3

To reach any of the officers or directors you can contact the President via email or Phone: 403-243-3580


President: Shawn Hendry
Vice President: VACANT
Past President: Lynn Hoosier
Recording Secretary: Lynn Hoosier
Treasurer: Brian Rogers
Membership Secretary: Sharon Hoiland


One Year Directors:
Megan Ballard
Val McKinney
Carl Ringdahl
Dan Shaw

Two Year Directors:
Paul Gray
Michael Kobluk
Russell Moore
Bev Prieur

Historical Committee Contacts

Historian: Alan Lynas
Library: Kelsey Hipkin
Historical Display: Carolyn Preston
Stampede Parade: Linda Chudey

Additional Contacts

General Inquiries
Newsletter Editor: Valerie McKinney
Newsletter Advertising: Beryl Sibbald
Pioneer Lady 2022: Pam Hilton
Pioneer Gent 2022: Alan Love
Cards & Remembering: Lynne Marquess
Telephone: Joan Christianson