Pioneer Profiles

In addition to the detailed profiles below, roughly 2400 short profiles of early Southern Alberta Pioneers have been extracted from the SAPD book Pioneer Families of Southern Alberta that was published in 1993 and the Addendum of Additional Pioneer Families of Southern Alberta, produced in 2004.

Short Pioneer Profiles

Anton Anderson
Anton Anderson
John M. Bratton
John M. Bratton
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis
William Stafford
William Jackson
Father Albert Lacombe
Father Lacombe
Joseph Higginbottom Saxon Moss
Joseph H. S. Moss
William Stafford
William Stafford
Bernt M. Thorpe
Bernt M. Thorpe
Col. James Walker
Col. James Walker
Edward Waines
Edward Waines

Further Research

Please contact our Historian for information. If you have any information about Pioneers which is not included in our book, please send it to our Historian.

The Southern Alberta Pioneers and their Descendants can provide additional information regarding many of the names on this site. As the name implies, many of the descendants of these pioneers still reside in Southern Alberta and may be just the family link you are looking for.

Much of this information has been derived from our own archives which consist of 55, 3-4" binders plus additional files. The SAPD members, in many cases, have written their own histories which may be two or three lines or ten to twelve pages.

Also SAPD has a library which may be accessed by readers. This consists of western histories and community books which have been published by many districts in recent years and have provided such a wealth of information. For other books our Society has published or assisted in publshing see Archives.

We have also benefited from the assistance of the Glenbow Museum Archives.


Pioneer Families of Southern Alberta, was produced under the direction of the Historical Book Coordinator, Jacob Lionel (Jay) Joffe and the History Committee at that time.

The members of the historical committee were:

  • Lavina (Vi) J. Baskill
  • George H. Coulson
  • Calrence A. Davis
  • Joan G. Davis
  • Flora Eagelson
  • James T. Eagelson
  • M. Magdalena (Madge) Grayson
  • Gwendolyne (Gwen) E. Hanna
  • Sheilagh S. Jameson
  • Barbara Z. Joffe
  • L. Ralphine Locke
  • Mary L. Lynas
  • James A.N. Mackie, Q.C.
  • Maureen E. Peckham
  • Lucille H. Togstad
  • Theodore (Ted) Togstad

The conversion of the book materials into an Internet-accessible format was made possible by a fine collaboration with volunteers from the Alberta Family Histories Society and SAPD. Thanks are owed to Eva Kinnear and Judith Rempel at the AFHS and to Jim Mackie and the rest of the Historical Committee of SAPD.