Pioneer Profiles : E

Earl, Alonzo Eugene

Alonzo settled in Calgary in 1883 and died in Olds, Alberta. He was a Tinsmith.


Earl, G.

Mr. G. Earl drove a bunch of sheep from near Gleichen for P. Robertson to his ranch south of Dauntless in the Medicine Hat area in 1889.

Addendum 2004. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 68-69.

Eberely, James

James arrived in Sheep Creek in 1883. He was born in 1856, in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and died in 1916. He was married in 1890 to Mary McMillan, who had come to Calgary in 1888. She was born in Glengarry Co., Ontario and died in 1942 at Calgary, Alberta. They had two daughters.


Eckersley, Joseph Edward

Born in England, he arrived in Dunmore, Alberta, in 1887. He died at Red Deer Lake in 1907. Joseph married his wife in England and she died in 1952 in Calgary. They had three children. Joseph was a stonemason and he contracted for the first General Hospital in Medicine Hat and in 1889 moved to Calgary, where he built the first part of the Anglican Church in Banff. He also did stone work on the Pat Burns house.


Eckford, Herbert

Came to High River in 1887. He was born in Scotland and later died there. He married Christina Henry in 1900. He worked on a ranch and then became a manager in 1893. Herbert bought out Duncan McPherson in 1896 later selling the ranch in 1914 and returned to Scotland.


Eckford, William D.

William was born in Scotland and died in Calgary in 1951. He was a teamster. He came to Winnipeg in 1885. He married Margaret J. McLaren of Cobden, Ontario in 1896. She died July 7th, 1901. They had one son, J. Douglas.


Eddy, Wallace Thurston

Wallace was born in 1863, in Ontario and came to Pincher Creek in 1882, where he died in 1956. He married Emma Clarke in Pincher Creek in 1900. Emma was born in 1866 in England and died at Pincher Creek in 1950. They had two children. The Eddy brothers ranged cattle in the Old Man River district.


Edge, William Henry

Mr. Edge came from B.C. in 1887 to homestead SE 14-25-4 W5 and pre-empted NE 14-25-4 W5th. He was born at Durham, Ontario in 1863 and died at Cochrane in 1940. In 1894 William married Sarah Ellis, who had come to the Jumping Pound area with her parents in 1886. Sarah was born in 1870 at Packenham, Ontario and died in 1957 at Cochrane.


Edmonds, William

William Edmonds was a C.P.R. Engineer in the Canmore area in 1890.


Edworthy, Thomas

Thomas was born May 25th, 1856 in Devonshire, England. His wife was Mary McArthur Ross, the widow of Alex Ross, who was Calgary's first photographer. Tom came to Canada in 1872, farmed at Muskoka, Ontario for eleven years, came West in 1883 and squatted on land West of Calgary. He became a Market Gardener. Later he developed and worked the first quarries in this area. He bought more land and became established in the cattle business. Thomas died in 1904 during a Typhoid epidemic. Part of the Edworthy homestead became Edworthy Park, Calgary. His wife, Mary, was born in 1856, at Pictou, Nova Scotia and died December 6th, 1934. There were two boys, Thomas P. and George E.


Eide, Peter

Peter Eide came to Calgary in 1886 with the Eau Claire Lumber Company. He was married at Eau Claire, Wisc. to Roseanne Prince, who was born in 1861 and died at Calgary in 1936. There were four children in their family.


Einarson, Hrobjartur

Mr. Einarson came to Calgary in 1888. He was born in Iceland in 1867 and died at Innisfail in 1953. In 1890 at Calgary, he married Helga Helgadottir Sigfusson, who was born in 1862 in Iceland and died there in 1951. They had five children.


Elliot, George B.

George Elliot was the first editor of' The Nor-Wester newspaper that was established in Calgary in 1884 which was the first newspaper to rival The Calgary Herald.

Addendum 2004. Ref: The Calgary Herald, July 13, 1943.

Elliot, Rev. J.

Rev. Elliot is reported in an article on the clergymen of Banff Churches to have served the Presbyterian parishioners there in 1887.

Addendum 2004.

Elliott, George

Elliott came to the area in 1884. He was a merchant at Drumheller.


Elliott, Thomas Edward

Mr. Elliott came to Calgary in 1886. He was born in 1876 in Ontario and died in 1956 at Hardisty. He married Mary M. Erskine, who was born in 1878 at London, Ontario and died at Victoria, B.C. in 1951. They had four children.


Elliott, William Nelson (Billie)

Mr. Elliott came to Calgary in 1890. He was born at Aurora, Ontario in 1877 and died at Symons Valley in 1935. In 1905 at Calgary he married Elizabeth D. Gibson, who was born in England and died in 1941 at Symons Valley. There were three children in their family.


Ellis, Albert John

Albert Ellis came to High River in the early 1880's. In 1890 he married Emmaline Mary Banister, who was born 18 July, 1864 at Dorset, England and died 3 November, 1953 at Calgary. Mr. Ellis filed a homestead and was a trader in the High River area.


Ellis, Edward Thomas and Sarah

(see also detailed post-publication profile)

Edward Thomas Ellis was born in Pakenham, Ontario and died at Golden, B.C. in 1916 of Typhoid fever. He married Sarah McKinley, who died in 1916 at Nanaimo, B.C. They had a family of nine children. As acquiring land in Ontario was difficult they moved to Calgary in 1886 and homesteaded in the Jumping Pound district. Six of their sons homesteaded as well. In 1894 Thomas and Sarah and four of their children moved to Nanaimo, B.C.


Ellis, John

John Ellis and his wife came to Medicine Hat in 1888 from Ontario to the Stair Ranch where a splendid bunch of horses were raised from mares imported from Ontario.

Addendum 2004.

Ellis, Robert A.

Robert was born at Pakenham, Ontario. Robert arrived from Ontario by way of North Dakota and filed for a homestead at 32-19-28 W4th, just north of High River in 1885. His wife, Eliza Howard and sons John G. and William James accompanied him. Robert died while on a business trip to Minto in 1887 and is buried there. John G. was a member of the NWMP from 1887 to 1890 at Fort Walsh. He was a city councillor. He left in 1897 and died in the Yukon in 1911. William James married Lilley Stooley. He operated the general store and post office. Later at Strathmore, he married Huglena McDonald. He served with the 113th Battalion. He died in 1924. His children were Robert, Etta, Hector, Crowford, John and Catherine.

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Ellison, Joseph Heber

Joseph Ellison was born at Kaysville, Utah and died in 1956 at Cardston. He came to that area in 1889. In 1883 he married Lavinia R. Wiggill, who was born in Utah in 1863 and died at Cardston in 1944. In 1950 there were a total of 119 in the family with eight having served in the second World War. Joseph homesteaded in the area and extended his holdings to 13 quarters.


Elson, Ernest Clifford

Ernest Elson was a C.P.R. conductor working out of Medicine Hat in 1889. He was born at London, Ontario in 1869 and died at Calgary in 1944. In 1908 at Carman, Manitoba he married Annie M. Honeywell, who was born 8 February, 1881 at Collingwood, Ontario and died in 1950 at Calgary. They had three sons in their family.


Elton, Col. Robarts William

Col. Elton came to the NWT in 1886. He was born in 1836 at Lucknow, India and died in 1899 at Livingstone. In 1862 at Bath, England he married Ada Bagshawe, who was born in England in 1845 and died there in 1923. They had a family of five children. His three sons Edmund Ashley, Cecil and Ralph all born in India, went to agricultural schools and came to the Pincher Creek area to homestead in the North Fork district, in the Livingstone area. William took up a homestead in the Livingstone area where his sons homesteaded. In 1889, sons Edmund and Cecil met their Mother Agna (nee Bagshaw) and sister Maude, who had recently arrived in Lethbridge from England. The journey from the Livingstone area took them 3 days travel time.

Merged with Addendum 2004. Ref: Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass p. 478.

Emerson, George

Mr. George Emerson came to Calgary in 1875. He was in partnership with Thomas Lynch in 1877 as a Trail driver, he then homesteaded on the north side of the Highwood River in 1879. In 1905 he sold his property to the Bar U and moved to Brooks. George was born in Quebec in 1841 and died at High River in 1920.


Emerson, John

John Emerson came to Calgary in 1885.

Addendum 2004. Ref: SAPD membership application files

Emery, Joseph Rushton

Joseph Emery settled in the High River area in 1885. His homestead was on the east bank of the Highwood River. He also worked part time freighting and coal mining. He moved to Nanaimo, B.C. in 1908.


English, Thomas Fredrick

Thomas was born in 1870 in Ontario and came west in 1887. He married Sarah M. Ransford in 1892 at Anthracite. She was born in 1872 in Iowa, U.S.A. They had four children. Thomas was a telegraph messenger at 18 years of age in Walsh, then became an agent operator at Banff. In 1911, he became a collector of Customs at Calgary.


Erikson, Gus

Gus Erikson (or Erichson) was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1887.

Addendum 2004.

Erratt, Jacob

Jacob Erratt homesteaded north of Willow Creek in 1883. His property consisted of 6,800 Acres.

Addendum 2004. Ref: Leavings by Trail Granum by Rail.

Erskine, David Morrison

He was born in London, Ontario in 1850, and west in 1886 and died in 1931 in Olds, Alberta. He married Sarah Fitzsimons at London, Ontario, in 1876. Sarah was born in 1854, at London and died in 1889 in Calgary, Alberta. They had six children. Mr Erskine was employed as a horse trainer and later was in road construction.


Eschelman, J. B. Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Eschelman came from Winnipeg, and helped establish the first Baptist Church in Calgary in 1888. The first church service was conducted by J. B. Eschelman and Deacon Van Wart on July 22, 1888, in the Masonic Hall building. His name was recorded in Odd Fellows records in 1889. The Eschelman's daughter, Laura was the first person to be received as a member of the church after baptism. The baptism took place in the Elbow River, probably near the the Mission Bridge. The daughter later married James Baxter Paterson, July 06, 1903.

Addendum 2004.

Esmond, J.

Mr. J. Esmond settled filed on homestead land near the island at the lower end of Medicine Hat, that after a survey around 1883 was confirmed to be open homestead land.

Addendum 2004. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 24.

Eustace, Lewis Charles

Lewis Eustace homesteaded the NE 1/4, Sec34-20-2-W5M, in the Sheep Creek district in 1887 which he later sold in 1906. He was given a $5.00 fine and costs for "furious riding on the streets of Calgary".

Addendum 2004. Ref: Our Foothills Bragg Creek, Kew and Millarville.

Evans, Harry

Harry and his wife were in Calgary in 1884. Their daughter was the first child to be baptized in the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. There was a tragic linkage between the first baptism and the first funeral when this child who was born in 1884 died a few weeks after the christening ceremony. Harry and his wife farmed in the area


Evans, Hugh

Mr. Evans arrived in Lethbridge in 1886. He was born in 1872 and died in 1946. He married Christie McKay, daughter of J.J. McKay. She was born in 1881, in Nova Scotia, and died in 1953. Hugh was a miner but also farmed north of the experimental farm.


Evans, Robert

Robert came to Fort Macleod in 1889. He was born in Bolton, Ontario, in 1844 and died in 1915 at Toronto, Ontario. His first wife, Eleanor Harriet Robb of Bolton, died in 1884, in Bolton. They had five children. His second wife, was Emmaleen Ramsey, born in 1861 and later died in 1929 at Toronto, Ontario. They had six children. Robert was Chief Quarantine Inspector, in Fort Macleod and later he bought the Macleod Hotel in Lethbridge.


Ewart, John

Arrived in the Medicine Hat area in the spring of 1883. He was born in 1861, at Montreal and died in 1893 in California. He married Jessie Sedler Herald (daughter of Rev. James Herald- 1885). She was born in 1864 at Dundas, Ontario and died in 1957, In Medicine Hat. There were four children and two died in infancy. John and Thomas Tweed, were the first merchants in the area. He built the first brick warehouse and a large brick home that still stands. He was on the School Board and Board of Trade. At 31 years of age he died of consumption.


Ewell, Jack

Jack Ewell was one of the early settlers of Poverty Flats in the Pincher Creek area in 1885.

Addendum 2004. Ref: Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass, p. 7.

Ewer, Fredrick H.

He came to Alberta from Winnipeg and was in Calgary in 1886. He died in California in 1889. He married Annie G. Halpin, who was born in 1857, at Dublin, Ireland and died in 1928, at Westbank, B.C. They had one son. Fredrick was City Editor of the Winnipeg Free Press before he came to Calgary. He was an early Editor and Co-proprietor of the Calgary Herald.