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Pioneer Profiles: R

Raikes, Harold (Harry)

Foreman of the Victor Ranch from 1886-89, Harold Raikes then worked for Capt. Winder for the next five years. In the later 1890's he moved to the Ghost Pine Lake country and operated there for many years, eventually retiring to the West Coast.

Raley, Charles

Mr. and Mrs. Raley were in the Lethbridge area in 1884.

Ramsay, Silas Alexander

Mr. Ramsay came to Calgary in 1883. He was born August 27, 1850 at Aylmer, Ontario and died in 1942 at Vancouver, B.C. In 1875 he married Jessie A. Wilson. They had a family of four children. Percival Claud was born at Calgary in 1888. Silas Ramsay was active in civic affairs; a Calgary Alderman for fourteen years, then Mayor in 1904. He owned farmland north of Calgary, retiring there.

Rankin, Ben

Ben Rankin was one of Tom Lynch's riders, who brought a herd of cattle for the Quorn and Military Colonization Co. (MCC), in 1884. He worked for Major Strange of the MCC for two years, then went to the Bar U Ranch. In 1888 he managed George Lane's Stopping House at the Crossing. He came to Calgary and worked as a Stock Inspector, then resigned this position and was wagon boss for the Mosquito Creek wagons in the 1895-96 Round-ups. He married Jane Howe in 1896 who died at Brooks, Alberta in 1959. He had a small herd of cattle along the Little Bow River until 1897 when he moved to Sandon, B.C. and became Town Policeman. In 1898, he is alleged to have shot himself and died at Sandon, B.C. Jane Rankin married a man named Millen. After his death she bought a farm near the ranch of her brother Sam Howe, north of Duchess but after Sam's death she moved into Brooks where she resided until her death.

Rankin, James Morris

James Rankin was employed by the C.P.R. and came to Calgary in 1883. He was one of the first conductors on the train from Calgary to Macleod. Mr. Rankin was born in Lower Island Cove, Newfoundland. He married Anne Cook of Trenton, Ontario and they had two children. In 1891, he invested in the Willow Creek Cattle Ranch (Flying E) with George Lane. Five years later he had a sheep ranch on the Lone Pine.

Ransford, Hascall

Hascall Ransford was the first Manager of the Anthracite Coal Co. and was active in this capacity until his death. He was born in New York, USA and died in 1898 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. He married Josephine Wood who was born in Michigan, USA. They had one daughter.

Raper, Ernest Arthur Clements

Mr. Raper served with the NWMP for the years 1887-1893. He was born in 1864 at Exeter, England. In 1906, at Pincher Creek he married Frances Marie (May) Sargent, who was born in 1878 at Bridgenorth, England. They had three children. He fought in the Boer War. He also homesteaded at the Livingstone and became Post Master at Maycroft, Alberta. He left for B.C. in 1917.

Raymond, E.H.

Mr. Raymond came to Fort Macleod in 1885. He was born December 21, 1874 at St. Monique, Quebec.

Rea, James Franklin

Born in 1860 at Sydenham, Ontario, James Rea was married at Stand Off Alberta on July 21, 1903 to Selina McNeill who was born in 1875 at Bristol Mines, Pontiac County, Quebec and died in 1958 at Stavely. They had six children. James died in 1927. James worked as Supervisor of construction for MacKenzie and Mann, building the C.P.R. in 1882 and 1883. He continued with the C.P.R. building the railroad into the mountains as well as the Calgary-Edmonton line. In 1885 he joined General Middleton in suppressing the N.W. Rebellion. From 1887 to 1892 he was engaged in metal mining and searching for gold in the Yukon. He left there in 1900 and homesteaded NE 1/4 26-13-30-W4th.

Rea, John Rutledge (Jack)

Jack Rea came to Calgary with the C.P.R. in 1883. There is not much known of Jack and his wife Daisy. They had one son, Jack.

Reach, Charles

Born in 1852 at Ipswitch, England Charles Reach died at Fort Macleod. He was married in 1888 at Fort Macleod to Pearl Laws who died at Macleod in 1902. His second wife was Jennie Woodworth McGrail who was born at Sterling, Illinois in 1876 and died in 1954 at Macleod. They had five children. Charles was a shoe salesman at Macleod as well as having a store there.

Reed, Job

Job Reed was born in 1841 in Summersetshire, England. He married Mary Hobbs in 1869. They were both school teachers. Mr. & Mrs. Reed arrived in Canada in 1882 with five children; Richard (Billy), Harry, Bessie, Bud and George. Annie and Ella were born in Alberta. The family stayed in Ontario while Job went west to Winnipeg where he got a job with the C.P.R. going west from Moose Jaw. In August 1883 the Reed family were reunited at Swift Current, then settled at Irvine, Alberta. They were there until 1885 and moving west with the railroad arrived at Lethbridge in 1886. Later he left the C.P.R. and concentrated on his market garden and selling milk. He was Justice of the Peace and a member of the School Board. Job died in 1906 and Mary died in 1932. They are buried at Lethbridge.

Submitted by Wilfred Reed

Reid, Arthur and Charles

The Reid brothers settled at Red Deer, in 1885 on what is now known as the golf course.

Reilly, James

Born in 1835 in Sherrington County, Naperville, Quebec James Reilly died in 1909 at Victoria, B.C. He married May Watts. He was proprietor of the Royal Hotel, Calgary. He called the first Civic Committee on January 4, 1884. He was Mayor of Calgary in 1886, 1891 and 1899. He died of influenza in Victoria, B.C.

Reilly, William

William Reilly came to Calgary in 1888. He was born February, 1847 at Sherrington, Quebec and died at Calgary in 1909. He married Phoebe Broderick who was born in 1850 at Compton, Quebec. They had six children.

Rhodes, Frederick P.

Frederick Rhodes was married in 1890 at Fort Macleod to Julia Josephine Green, who was born at West Limerick, Ireland in 1871 and died at Midnapore in 1950. They had six children. Frederick came to Fort Macleod in 1885 with the NWMP and served for five years. In the early 1900's he was Issuer at the Blood Indian Reserve, a position he held until 1904. He was appointed Chief of Police and Caretaker for Fort Macleod. He was stated to have been a member of the Death Watch and witnessed the hanging of Louis Riel. He died in 1916 at Fort Macleod.

Richards, Henry John

Henry Richards was Weigh Master at Canmore Mines; arrived in Laggan (Lake Louise) in 1884.

Richards, William

William Richards was the first homesteader to take up land in the Horn Hill district, east of Penhold. William came to Red Deer in 1884. Born in 1818 and died in 1911 at Red Deer. He had one son.

Ricks, Frank

Frank Ricks was born in 1857 at Corn Cob Valley, Nevada and died in 1914 at Morley, Alberta. He married in 1887 at Morley to Isabelle Jane Potts who was born in 1865 at Coburg, Ontario and died in 1932 at Calgary. They had two children. Frank came West to Mt. Royal ranch, west of Cochrane in 1883. He managed the SL (Leeson) ranch. He homesteaded 16-24-5-W5th on Jumping Pound. In 1902 he moved to Banff and purchased what is now the Cascade Hotel (Alberta Hotel). In 1913 he was thrown from a horse and badly injured. In 1914 he took his own life.

Riley, Alfred G.

Calgary, 1888.

Riley, Arthur W.E.

Calgary, 1888.

Riley, Daniel Edward

Daniel Riley came to High River in 1883. Born November 28, 1860 Prince Edward Island, he married in 1900 Edith Thompson who was born on Prince Edward Island and died in 1930. They had five children. Daniel was a noted Stockman. He was the first Mayor of High River in 1906. In 1945 he was appointed to the Canadian Senate.

Riley, Edmund J.

Calgary, 1888.

Riley, Ezra Hounsfield (MLA)

He was born June 5, 1866 at Yorkville, Ontario. He was married to Harriet Waterhouse. Ezra Riley was elected to the Alberta Legislature for Gleichen in 1906 and re-elected in 1909 resigning in 1910.

Riley, Harold William

Born December 15, 1877 at St. Lambert, Quebec Harold Riley died in 1946 at Calgary. He was married in 1907 at St. Marys, Ontario to Alpha Maude Keen, who was born in 1860 at St. Marys, Ontario and died in 1962 at Calgary. They had three children. Harold Riley came to Calgary in 1888. Harold was appointed Deputy Provincial Secretary of Alberta on the formation of the Province in 1905. Resigned to found a Brokerage firm in 1910. Secretary of the University of Alberta 1908-1910. He served with the Canadian Mounted Rifles 1909-1910, as Paymaster 101st Regiment, Edmonton Fusiliers. Alderman in Calgary in 1911. Secretary of The Southern Alberta Old Timers Association.

Riordan, Timothy

He was the C.P.R. Roadmaster in 1886.

Ripley, Robert

Born June 1846 in Nova Scotia, Robert Ripley was married in Nova Scotia to Nancy Angus, who was born in 1856 and died at Lethbridge in 1919. They had five children. Robert was a Homestead Inspector. He worked on the C.P.R. and was a Weighman at the mines in Lethbridge in 1885.

Robarts, Tex.

Tex Robarts worked for the Bar U Ranch near Pekisko in 1887, then homesteaded north of the Crossing. When the Irrigation Ditch was built, he met Mrs. Bailley, who ran a rooming house and they were married. They developed a horse ranch which the children took over and Robarts returned to the USA.

Robb, Edward

Edward Robb was born in 1837 at Moorefield, Ontario and died in 1929 at Kamloops, B.C. He was married in 1877 at Glen Allan, Ontario to Christina McBeth, who was born in 1854 at Glen Allan, Ontario and died in 1935 at Great Falls, Montana. He was in the Pine Creek area in 1881. They had four children.

Robertson, Rev. Angus

Angus Robertson was the first Presbyterian Minister in Calgary in 1883. Services were held in the I.G. Baker store and the NWMP barracks. He established churches at Medicine Hat, Pine Creek, Sheep Creek, Davisburg and High River. In 1885 he held church services at construction camps in the mountains as well as at the Galt Coal Mines at Lethbridge in 1887. Angus was appointed the first Moderator of Calgary Presbytery in 1887. He also homesteaded at Pine Creek. Reverend Angus Robertson died in 1890 of typhoid fever at Medicine Hat.

Robertson, James

James Robertson was born in 1849 at Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland and died in 1917 at Calgary. He was married in 1900 at Cochrane, to Margaret McDonald, who was born in 1869 at Airsaig, Scotland and died in 1933 at High River. There were four children in the family. James arrived in the Ghost River area in 1885 and in 1895 homesteaded W 1/2 14-28-2-W5th. In 1902 he obtained the E 1/2 10-28-2-W5th. His brand was A/C.

Robertson, Peter

Peter Robertson was born in 1846 at Stellerton, Nova Scotia and was married in 1874 in Nova Scotia to Georgina Slack. He was a locomotive engineer coming to Medicine Hat in 1886 and working for the C.P.R. until 1899. He raised sheep until 1905 when he sold out the sheep interests and began to raise horses. He owned the Crystal Ice Co. in Medicine Hat.

Robertson, T.W.

T.W. Robertson was born in Rothbury in 1856. He was educated in England and entered the Diplomatic Service being sent first to Germany then to Russia where he spent some time at the Court of St. Petersburg. In 1886 he rode to Alberta from Wyoming with a Trail Herd for the "Powder River Cattle Co.", an all English concern. After the herd was delivered, Robertson went to Cochrane and was employed by Tom Cochrane. Then he went to High River and joined J. Limoges in business, forming the High River Trading Company. In 1894 he married Eva Limoges. They had one daughter, Evelyn and twin sons, Jack and Joe. Mr. Robertson died in 1902.

Submitted by S. Higgins.

Robertson, William D.

William Robertson was born in 1860 at Glenn Allen, Ontario and died in 1936 at Calgary. He was married in 1885 to Helen Markle who died in 1936 at Calgary. They had two children. On coming to Calgary in 1883, he was employed by the Freeze General Store. He later founded the Calgary Clothing Co. He was a brother of the Rev. Angus Robertson, who was the first Presbyterian Minister in Calgary.

Robinson, Arthur

Arthur Robinson was born at Mountain, Ontario in 1864 and died in 1941 at Barons, Alberta. He married Annie Smith, who died in 1931 at Barons. He homesteaded the NE 1/4 14-24-3-W5 and took pre-emption SE 1/4 14-24-3-W5th. Arthur came to Calgary in 1885.

Robinson, David

David Robinson was born in 1844 at Rowden, Quebec and died in 1946 at Calgary. He married Jemima Smiley who was born in 1854 at Sherbrooke, Quebec and died in 1931 at Calgary. There were eight children in the family. David came to Calgary in 1886 and was here until 1898. He then moved to ranch in the Nose Creek Valley on 25-29-W5th. This ranch was taken over by James Hay in 1892.

Robinson, George T.

George Robinson was born in 1869 at Durham, England and was married in 1889 at Calgary to Alberta Jane Van Wart, who was born in 1874 at Woodstock, New Brunswick. George worked for A. Allen & Co., for seven years, then bought the company. He was Alderman for the City of Calgary in 1907 and 1908.

Robinson, Joseph

Joseph was born in 1861 at South Mountain, Ontario and died in 1922 at Calgary. He was married in 1890 at Calgary to Elizabeth Harding McPherson (Lily), who was born in 1871 at South Mountain, Ontario and died in 1941 at Calgary. There were eleven children. Joseph came to Alberta in 1885 driving an Ammunition wagon from Montana during the Riel Rebellion. He settled in the Elbow Valley area.

Robinson, Richard George

Richard Robinson was born in 1850 at Greenlands, Cockermouth, Cumberland, England and died at Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1934. He was married at San Francisco, California in 1876 to Mary Zammitt, who was born at Boston, Mass., in 1856 and died in 1947 at Klamath Falls, Oregon. There were eleven children in the family. Mr. Robinson arrived in Calgary in March 1888 and went to the Chipman Ranch. He was the first to ship cattle from the West to England. He also imported horses from Ireland and England. He lived at the North Camp Ranch on Nose Creek for several years.

Robinson, Robert W.

Robert Robinson was born in 1870 at South Mountain, Ontario and died in 1953 at Calgary. He arrived in Calgary in 1888 and in 1903 married Nora Elizabeth Long who was born in Ontario. They had three children. Robert's second wife was Alma Adelia Drucella (Della) Henry who was born in 1879 on Prince Edward Island, and died in 1953 at Calgary.

Rodbourne, Charles James

Charles was born in 1861 at Castleton, Wiltshire, England and died in 1948 at Calgary. He was married in 1898 at Lydney, England to Mary Ann (Polly) Palmer, who was born in 1873 at Albertan, England and died at Bassano, Alberta in 1937. They had six children. Charles worked for the C.P.R. construction in 1885 at Calgary, Medicine Hat, Cassels and Crowfoot until 1905. He later farmed and ranched at Crowfoot.

Rodgers, Alfred

Alfred Rodgers was born in 1871 and died in 1929. His brother was James Dublin Rodgers.

Rodgers, Edward

Edward Rodgers was a brother of James Dublin Rodgers. He was born in 1876 and died in 1901.

Rodgers, Henry

A brother of James D. Rodgers, Henry was born in 1873 and died in 1951.

Rodgers, James Dublin

Mr. Rodgers was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1865 and died of injuries from playing Polo in 1904. In 1892 he married Maud Hull Pinkerton, who was born in 1862 and died in 1931. They had five children: James, Edith, William Jasper (Jappy), Marjorie and Robert (Paddy). James and his brother Joseph came to Canada in 1885 via New Orleans. They got passage on a sternwheeler up the Mississippi River to Fort Benton, Montana. From there they worked their way to Calgary on an I.G. Baker Bull Team. James worked at the Quorn Ranch and was also in the Riel Rebellion in 1885 where he received a medal. He homesteaded eight miles west of Okotoks in 1886. He raised Polo ponies as well as cattle. He was a keen Polo player as well as being one of the first fifty-eight people to form the Sheep Creek Agricultural Society, later known as the Okotoks Agriculture Society. He was also President of the Sheep Creek Irrigation Co.

Submitted by Kathleen Parsons.

Rodgers, Joseph

Joseph Rodgers was a brother of James D. Rodgers and was born in 1869 and died in 1920.

Rodway, Joseph

Joseph Rodway was the son of Joseph Sr. a member of the 21st Warwickshire Light Infantry. Joseph arrived in Calgary in 1884 to open a tinsmith and hardware business. He was one of the first members of the Fire Department in 1885. He was part of a militia group formed to take part in the Riel Rebellion.

Roech, Jessie H.

Jessie Roech died in 1937 at High River Crossing. She came from Scotland in 1888 to High River. Jessie had a cattle ranch on the Little Bow and made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Henry. Her brand was the "OK" connected.

Rogers, Major Albert Bowman

Major Rogers was born in 1829 and died in 1889. He was an American Surveyor hired by James Hill as Explorer and Surveyor to determine the location for the C.P.R., which was in the planning stage. Despite competition from other surveyors, Rogers chose the Kicking Horse route and the Rogers Pass. He then returned to the United States to work for Great Northern Railway. He died from a serious injury and of cancer.

Rogers, Alfred Burnham

Alfred Rogers was born in 1864(5) at Peterborough, Ontario and died in 1936 at Calgary. He was married in 1890 at Shepard, to Margaret Allison Black, who was born in 1872 at Scarborough, Ontario and died in 1916 at Calgary. They had three children. Alfred came to Calgary in 1885 with the Midland Regiment. He ranched at Red Deer Lake. He joined the Calgary Fire Dept. in 1908 and after twenty-two years of service, retired as Chief.

Rogers, Frederick Mabyn

He came to Innisfail April 5, 1889.

Rogers, S.S.

A shareholder of the MCC Ranch, in 1887, becoming the manager.

Ross, Alex

Alex Ross died at Calgary in 1894. He was married at Pictou, N.S. to Mary McArthur, who died at Calgary, in December, 1934. Alex Ross was the first Calgary Photographer, in 1883. He also had a horse ranch, raising Standard Bred Horses, north of the Bow at Spy Hill. After Alex's death, Mrs. Ross lived on the ranch and proved up SE 1/4 16-25-2-W5th, as her homestead. She sold the property in 1906. She was married to Thomas Edworthy in 1897.

Ross, Colin George

Colin Ross was born in England and died in California. He came to High River in 1886 and founded the Ace of Spades Ranch. Ross purchased Henry Drews' hotel in 1892. In 1896, Ross sold his cattle to George Lane and moved to California. The land was sold to the Moir brothers from Iowa and the ranch was renamed the "Hawkeye".

Ross, Horatio

Horatio Ross spent 1887, '88 & '89 on the ranch of his brother, Colin George Ross, at the Little Bow. He built the S.S. Assinaboia, at Medicine Hat and started down the river for Winnipeg, but before reaching there the boat ran aground. In 1898, he built a large row boat at the Eau Claire Mills, in Calgary and proceeded down stream to Medicine Hat. He built the Assinaboia Hotel, in Medicine Hat. In 1906-07 he built the S.S. Medicine Hat, an eighty foot steamer, which plied the river between Medicine Hat and Bow Island for two years. Horatio formed the Ross Navigation Co. at the Pas, Manitoba. Horatio drowned in the North Saskatchewan River, near the Pas, Manitoba and was buried at the Big Eddy.

Rouleau, Hon. Charles B.

Charles Rouleau was born in 1840 at Isle Verte, Quebec and died in 1901 at Montreal , Quebec. He married Elvina Dumaichel, who was born in 1840 and died in 1901 at Calgary. They had three children. Mr. Rouleau was appointed to the Board of Education for the Territories in 1884 and in 1887 was appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of the N.W.T. He was a Grand Deputy of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. He came to Calgary in 1883.

Rouleau, Edward Hector M.D.

Dr. Rouleau was born in 1843 at Isle Verte, Quebec and died at Calgary in 1912. He was married in 1883 to Catherine O'Meara (Kate) who was born in 1863 and died in 1932 at Calgary. They had four children. Dr. Rouleau came to Calgary in 1887 and practiced there for many years. He was in charge of the Holy Cross Hospital and was Assistant Surgeon for the NWMP in Calgary. In 1888 he was appointed Belgian Consul for the N.W.T., receiving the Title of Chevalier de l'orde de Leopold and the Cross of the Order in reward for his services.

Routhier, Jean Charles

Jean Charles Routhier was born in 1866 at Quebec City, Quebec and died in 1936 at Pincher Creek. He came to Fort Macleod in 1885. In 1892 at Fort Macleod he married E. Pelletier, who was born in 1869 at St. Basil and died in 1963 at Pincher Creek. They had six children.

Rowland, Arthur

Born in Wales in 1850, Arthur Rowland came to Ontario as a baby. In 1883 he traveled by rail to Medicine Hat, then moved on to the Calgary area. He filed for a homestead south of Sheep River, near the Calgary-Macleod Trail (near present-day Aldersyde). During the Riel Rebellion he freighted supplies from Calgary to Edmonton and scouted for the NWMP. Returning to his farm, Arthur Rowland dug some of the first irrigation canals in the area. He was also a stonemason and built the High River Trading Post in 1893. In 1892 Arthur Rowland married Ada Fisher who was born in Peterborough in 1869 and came to Calgary in 1889. They established a stopping house and store in 1908 and a townsite, Rowlandville, soon developed. However, since the proposed rail line did not materialize, the town ceased to grow. Arthur Rowland died in 1922 and his wife in 1955. There were eight children in the family.

Submitted by Dixie Rowland Shah

Rowland, David

David Rowland came to Calgary in 1883. He was married to Catherine. They had one son, Louis Sidney, who was born in Calgary in 1909. Mr. Roland was a boiler maker with the C.P.R. and was killed on a C.P.R. bridge in Calgary.

Rowles, (Rolls) Thomas

Thomas Rowles was born in 1834 in Ontario and died in 1922 at Okotoks. He was married in 1854 at Collingwood, Ontario to Margaret Muriel Schmucker, who was born in 1840 at Buffalo, N.Y., and died in 1923 at Sumas, Washington. They had thirteen children. Mr. Rowles homesteaded W 1/2 24-20-29-W4th. He owned and operated the Alberta Hotel at Okotoks. He arrived in Calgary in 1883. Mrs. Rowles and twelve of the children came to Okotoks in 1884.

Roy, Angus

Angus Roy was born in Manitoba and came to Lethbridge in 1887. He was a conductor for the C.P.R. railroad until his retirement in 1946. He married Anna; they had one son, A. Leonard Roy.

Royce, Josiah Robert

Josiah Royce was born at Emosa, Ontario and died at Calgary. He was married at Toronto, Ontario to Harriett E. Cobbett. Josiah was a member of the NWMP contingent that escorted the Marquis of Lorne, when he was Governor-General and journeyed across the N.W.T. He came to Calgary in 1881 and had a ranch on the Banff road. He was a Justice of the Peace in Calgary in 1908 and in 1913 joined the Children's Aid Department as a Probation Officer, then a Juvenile Court Judge.

Rundle, Rev. Robert Terrill

Rev. Rundle was born in 1811 at Mylor, Cornwall, England and died in 1896 at Garstang, Lancashire, England. He was the first Protestant Missionary to work in the area of the N.W.T. His Ministry was with the Stoney, Blackfoot and Cree Indians. He left Edmonton in 1848 broken in health and returned to England. Mount Rundle in Banff National Park, was named in his honor. He came to Edmonton on 18th Oct. 1840.

Russell, George F.

George Russell arrived in Fort Macleod in 1882 as a part of the Survey Party, where he worked to 1885. He was born in 1860 in Birmingham, England. He came to Ottawa and attended school. He apprenticed for mechanic Tool Maker at the Lethbridge Blacksmith Shop. He married Isabella Anne Bell, in Ottawa. They had six sons: Harold George, Andrew James, Frank Haliburton, Ernest Hope, Frederick Alexander and Percy J. and one daughter, Florence M. Mr. Russell ranched south of Lethbridge on the St. Marys River near Pot Hole Creek in 1882. He returned to Ontario, to fruit farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Russell, W. R.

Mr. Russell was the Station Agent at Fort Macleod in 1886.

Rutherford, William

William Rutherford was born in Scotland and died in 1897 in Scotland. He was married to Anne Young, who was born in Scotland in 1837 and died in 1921 at Medicine Hat. They had four children. William arrived in Calgary in 1883 and moved to Medicine Hat in 1889, where he was associated with the Sir Lester Kaye Farms.

Rutherford, William (Billie)

William Rutherford was born in 1865 at Jedbourgh, Scotland and died in 1917 at Medicine Hat. He was married in 1892 at Medicine Hat to Isabella Young Rutherford, who was born in 1871 at Durham, England and died in 1950 at Medicine Hat. They had eight children. Mr. Rutherford came to Medicine Hat in 1883.

Rutledge, Thomas Miles

Thomas Rutledge was born in 1861 at Greystone, Ireland and died in 1911 at Pincher Creek. He was unmarried. He came to Fort Macleod in 1885/86.

Ryan, Charles

Mr. Ryan came to Alberta with the first contingent of the NWMP in 1874. Charles was born in Delhi, India in 1849. He left the force in 1880 and was employed by the I.G. Baker Co. in Fort Macleod. Mrs. Ryan arrived in 1888, she was the former Bridget Meagher. There were five children in the family.

Ryan, John Sr.

John Ryan was born in 1827 at Callam, Kilkenny, Ireland and died in 1913 at Fort Macleod. He was married at Melbourne, Australia in 1857 to Annie Wray, who died at Fort Macleod. They had four children. In 1883, the Ryan family came west by rail from Ottawa to Dunmore Junction, then overland to Fort Macleod where the eldest son, Charles, a member of the NWWP was serving. The son had arrived in 1874 and the family arrived in 1883.

Ryan, W.J.

Mr. Ryan was in the Lethbridge area in 1883. He died October 1898.

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