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Pioneer Profiles: F

Fallow, William

William Fallow married Margaret Jamieson in 1874 and they came to Calgary in 1884. William was born at New Richmond, Quebec in 1853 and died at Calgary in 1938. Margaret was born at Dalhousie, N.B. in 1853 and died at Parksville, B.C. in 1931. They raised eleven children, three sons and eight daughters. William's forefathers came from Largs, Scotland. He left for the west in 1880 and at Hawk Lake, Manitoba he started working for the C.P.R. until the line reached Field, B.C. He then went to Banff, Gleichen and Calgary.

Fallwood, James H.

James Fallwood was one of the original members of the NWMP. He was with 'B' Troop (all brown horses), his regiment number was 160. The Inspector in Command at Fort Walsh in 1883 was Major James A. Walsh. James was last heard from in 1934 at London, England.

Fane, Frank William Walter

Frank Fane was born in 1864 at Kent, England. He was one of the original members of the NWMP stationed at Fort Walsh, then Calgary in 1882. He also served at Battleford, Lethbridge, Fort Steele and finally Fort Macleod where he was discharged in 1890. Frank married Margaret Duff of Lethbridge in 1890. They had a family of four daughters. He established a ranch at Beaver Lake, near Vegreville. During World War I, he was Major, Commanding 'C' squadron 19th Alberta Dragoons.

Fawcett, John Louis K.C.

Mr. Fawcett was born in 1872 at Sackville, N.B. and died at Calgary in 1950. He came to Fort Macleod in 1889 and worked as a cowpuncher for two years. He returned to Sackville to finish high school and study law at Dalhousie University, Halifax. He returned to Fort Macleod in 1903 and practiced law. He served several times as Town Councillor, School Board member and Mayor of Fort Macleod. He was president of the Southern Alberta Pioneer's and Old Timer's Association in 1949. John married Lena Maud Morine from Nova Scotia in 1902. After Lena died in 1943, he married Maud Alice of Nanton in 1944. He had one daughter, May Gladys.

Fawcett, Samuel Tilley

Samuel Fawcett came to Medicine Hat in 1890. He was born in 1872 at Sackville, N.B. In 1893 he married Alice McBean. He established a ranch in the Cypress Hills and in 1906 moved to Medicine Hat. He was engaged in the livery, flour and feed as well as an agricultural implement business. He was a member of the City Council 1910 - 1912.

Fawdrey, James Edward

James Fawdrey was born in 1865 at Whitney, Oxfordshire, England and died at Vancouver, B.C. in 1944. He married Emma Kirby from Yarnton, Oxfordshire, England in 1882. They came to Poplar Point (Innisfail) in 1887. They raised a family of seven children, six sons and one daughter. James farmed until 1894 and later worked in the Great West Store. In 1900 he purchased property and was engaged in the general merchandise business, which became Fawdrey and Rogers. He was a member of the Town Council 1904-1906 and later Mayor.

Fear, George Mitchell

George Fear came to Banff in 1885, where he died in 1937. He was born in 1857 at London, England. He and his brother, William operated a fur store in Banff for many years.

Fear, William Henry

William Fear came to Banff in 1885, he was born at London, England in 1860 and died at Victoria, B.C. in 1953.

Fidler, Alfred D.

Alfred Fidler came to Calgary in 1884. He was engaged in the running trades of the C.P.R. during the construction years, and later was a Municipal Inspector. He married Susan Spence of Fordwich, Ontario in 1896. They had three sons in their family. Alfred D. Fidler was born at Brantford, Ontario in 1869 and died at Calgary in 1927.

Fidler, James

James Fidler was born at London, England in 1836 and died at St. Thomas, Ontario in 1935. He married Mary Davis of London, England in 1856. She was born there in 1836 and died at Canmore in 1902. They came to Ontario and lived at Brantford and had five sons. One son came to Calgary in 1883 and one with James in 1884. Two other sons came to Canmore in 1888 and 1889. Mary came to Canmore in 1889. James Fidler and all of his sons were involved in the running trades of the C.P.R.

Fidler, Peter

Peter Fidler was born in Bolsover, England in 1769. At the age of nineteen, he signed on with the Hudson's Bay Company and came to Rupert's Land by ship. He was trained as a surveyor and trader at Fort Carlton and Cumberland House. In 1792 he was dispatched with 7 canoes, 26 men and their families to build Buckingham House. Later that year he journeyed south to the Old Man River area. Peter Fidler was made a factor at Buckingham House in 1797. He had the first river boats built on the Saskatchewan River system. During his career he made some 35 invaluable maps of the prairie region. In 1800 Peter Fidler built a fort at the confluence of the south Saskatchewan and Red Deer rivers. by the spring of 1802, Chesterfield House as it was called was abandoned due to raids by hostile Indians. It was reopened in 1805 by Joseph Howse. Peter Fidler married a Swampy Cree woman, Mary and he had eleven children. Many of his descendants still live in Western Canada. Peter Fidler died in 1822 and his wife in 1826.

Findlay, Robert

In 1883 Robert Findlay and his eldest son, Alexander came to Calgary in search of a new home. Robert acquired a homestead near Spitzie (High River). Robert returned to Ontario to settle his affairs and returned to Calgary in 1884. Mrs. Findlay and the younger children stayed in Calgary while her husband and Alexander built a house. Robert Findlay was born in 1837 at Perth, Ontario and died at High River in 1923. In 1867 he married Mary Pollock of North Gore, Ontario. She was born there in 1840 and died at High River in 1927. They had seven children, six boys and one girl.

Finlay, William Thomas

William Thomas Finlay was born at Lisburn, Ireland in 1845. He worked in a wholesale grocery and seed house in Ireland and in 1874 moved to Montreal. He worked for a wholesale boot and shoe company, then moved to Toronto until he came to Medicine Hat in 1883. He was an agent for the Northwest Lumber Company, and subsequently formed his own firm, Finlay and Company. He was a member of the Northwest Territorial Government at Regina and the Alberta Government until 1909 as the Minister of Agriculture. He married Catherine Tomlinson at Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1883. They had two sons and three daughters. William Finlay died at Medicine Hat in 1917.

Finnegan, John

Mr. Finnegan was born in 1842 and died in Gleichen in 1924. Mr. and Mrs. Finnegan homesteaded on the Red Deer River. Their daughter Belle married Fred Madge.

Fish, Arthur William

Arthur Fish arrived at Pincher Creek from the United States on or about 1878. He was foreman of the Stewart Ranch. He married Margaret Bowllen, from Winnipeg, Manitoba and they had three children, two girls and one boy. Arthur died at Vancouver, B.C. in 1915.

Fisher, Henry (Harry)

Harry and his brother Joseph Fisher brought a carload of cattle from Ontario to Calgary in 1883. They returned with more cattle in 1884. Harry filed on section 36-20-4-W5th. After a few years he returned to Ontario where he farmed for awhile before going back to England to farm near Carlisle. Harry Fisher was born in 1853 at Carlisle, Cumberland, England and died there in 1929. He was married in 1894 to Sarah Anne. He had two sons who farmed at Carlisle.

Fisher, Joseph

Joseph Fisher settled in the Millarville area in 1884 filing on NE 1/4 6-21-3-W5th. He married Elizabeth Stagg at Calgary in 1898. They had eight children, five boys and three girls. Joseph raised cattle and horses. He was born in 1842 at Knells Farm, Carlisle, Cumberland, England and died at Calgary in 1914. Joseph emigrated to Hornby, Ontario where he had a farm 'Willowbank'. He was joined by his brother Henry and two sisters. Joseph and his brother Henry brought the first carload of cattle to Calgary by rail in 1883. They, determined to settle in the area, returned to Ontario and purchased more cattle.

Fisk, Edward

Edward and Mrs. Fisk with seven children came to Calgary in 1888. The children were: Charles, Annie, Alfred and George (twins), Robert, Margaret and Maud. The children attended the first school in Calgary; later the family moved to Gladys Ridge to homestead. Edward organized the first school in that district. He plowed his land with a walking plow and seeded oats by hand from the back of a wagon. After a few years the family moved to High River where Edward furthered his trade as a plasterer. He died at High River in 1927. Mrs. Fisk died in 1922 at High River.

Submitted by Eva (Sexsmith) Gooder, Granddaughter of Edward Fisk

Fisk, George

George Fisk came to Calgary in 1889. He was born in Bruce County, Ontario and died in 1958 at Victoria, B.C. In 1896 at Calgary he married Ellinor Griffith Willoughby, who was born at Woodstock, Ontario in 1868 and died at Victoria, B.C. in 1934.

Fitzgerald, James Gerald

In 1882 James Fitzgerald came to Calgary. He was born at County Kerry, Ireland in 1856. He married Mary Caroline Champman in 1885 at Calgary. They had one son. James ranched on the Bow River, was Deputy Sheriff for the Calgary District and Lands, Mining and General Agent. He published the Business Directory of Calgary. James was also an auctioneer, valuator and Notary Public. He was secretary of the Calgary Industrial and Agricultural Board in 1884 and a Councillor in 1889.

Fleetwood, Harry

Mr. Fleetwood was born in England in 1859. He was married in 1881. His wife was born in 1855. He came to Lethbridge in 1889 and worked in the coal mines and then the water works department. His interest lay in the establishment of schools and with the City Councils. Harry Fleetwood was known as the 'Father' of the Lethbridge schools.

Researched by D. Armstrong, May 1992

Flegal, Otto Arthur

Otto Flegal came to Calgary in 1890. He was born at Renfrew, Ontario in 1880 and died at Calgary in 1965. In 1905 at Calgary he married Matilda Mary Klapstein, who was born at Dunsmore Junction, near Medicine Hat in 1885 and died at Calgary in 1974. They had a son and a daughter. Otto was a C.P.R. Engineer.

Fleming, Alexander

Alexander was a member of the NWMP and came west in 1881. He served in the North West rebellion at Duck Lake, Sask. After his discharge he worked at the Oxley and Cochrane ranches. In 1906 he operated a livery stable for two years until Geoge Lane hired him to assume charge of the Bar U horses. From 1910 to 1924 he was Vice President of George Lane Ranching Company Limited. Alexander was born in 1861 at Carlton, Ontario and died at High River in 1942. In 1904 he married Elsie Caldwell, who was born in 1883 in Utah, U.S.A. and died at High River in 1943. They had a daughter and two sons in their family.

Fletcher, Robert William

From 1878 to 1881 Robert Fletcher served in the NWMP at Fort Walsh and Fort Saskatchewan. Robert was born in 1853 at Melbourne, Australia and died at Calgary in 1939. In 1881 he married Jennie Powell. They had two daughters in their family. Robert and Jennie came to Calgary in 1883 where he was a collector for the Inland Revenue Department.

Fletcher, Samuel

Samuel Fletcher accompanied by William Niddrie came to Morley in 1889. They moved to the Mound district near Red Deer. Samuel homesteaded NE 26-33-5-W5th.

Fletcher, Thomas

Mr. Fletcher came to Calgary in 1889, returned to Port Hope, Ontario in 1890 and brought his family to Calgary. He was born in 1851 at Louth, Lincolnshire, England and died at Calgary in 1925. He married Ellen Boswell in 1870 in England. She was born there in 1853 and died at Calgary in 1928. they had two daughters born at Louth and five sons born at Port Hope, Ontario. Thomas homesteaded at Airdrie and later had the first lumber yard there.

Forbes, James

James Forbes came to Fort Macleod in 1884. He was born at Dumfries, Scotland in 1866.

Foss, Ole

Mr. Foss came to Calgary in 1886 to build Eau Claire sawmill. He was born in 1852 at Frederickstad, Norway and died in 1908 at Calgary. In 1870 at Frederickstad, Norway he married Josephine Melby, who was born there in 1854 and died at Calgary in 1926. They had seven children in their family; five sons and two daughters.

Foster, Frank

Mr. Foster came to Fort Macleod in the 1880's. Frank and his brother ran a blacksmith shop. They freighted for a number of years, and had a twenty-four horse hitch and three freight wagons.

Foster, William Fowler

William Foster came to Swift Current by rail in 1882 and walked to Medicine Hat where he remained until 1887. His wife and daughters came to Fort Benton by rail and on to Fort Macleod in 1884. He was born at Cornwallis, N.S. in 1858 and died at Fort Macleod in 1912. In 1879 at Aylesford, N.S. he married Mary Delila Orpin, who was born in Nova Scotia in 1862 and died at Fort Macleod in 1886. Their two daughters were born at Aylesford, N.S. in 1880 and 1882, a son was born to them in 1885 at Medicine Hat. William was a blacksmith and went to Alaska in 1887 and returned in 1903. William married Eliza Dickensen.

Fowler, Levi

Levi Fowler came to Fort Macleod at eleven years of age. He was born at Bethany, Ontario. He was taken in by a barber who taught him the trade. He eventually bought the shop. In 1915 he joined the army and was stationed at Calgary as the regimental barber for the 191st Battalion. His first wife was named Bella, the second Minnie Adams. He had three children, two sons and a daughter. Levi's arrival at Fort Macleod is thought to have been in the early 1880's.

Frame, James Ferguson

Mr. Frame came to Lethbridge in 1885. He operated a cartage business and also bought horses for sale in Manitoba. In 1892 he married Miriam Edith Hopkins. James Frame died in 1923.

Submitted by Pat Yates

Franklln, John

John Franklin was a wandering cowboy coming to Fort Macleod in 1889. He was born in Texas, U.S.A. in 1863 and died in 1946 at Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A. In 1895 at Fort Macleod he married Ursa Watson, who was born in 1876 and died at Santa Barbara, Ca. in 1945. They had two sons in their family. John broke horses for the Strong ranch, then rented a ranch and bought the Strong brand. He subsequently bought the Aitkens ranch south of Fort Macleod and raised cattle and registered Percheron mares.

Frarey, William

William Frarey was born in Ontario and died at Calgary in 1930. In 1886 at Regina he Harriet Elizabeth Pepper, who was born in 1857 and died at Calgary in 1936. They had three children in their family. The Frareys came to Calgary in 1887 and William homesteaded the SE 12-25-4-W5th in the Bushy Ridge district. He sold out in 1905 and they moved to Calgary.

Fraser, Alexander

Alexander Fraser and his wife Mary came from Pictou, N.S. to the Millarville district in 1886 accompanied by Jack MacKinnon. They homesteaded and acquired additional land west and east of Millarville totalling approximately two hundred acres, known as the MacKinnon flats. The partnership dissolved in 1897. The Frasers had three children. They moved to Grand Forks, B.C. and to Victoria, B.C. but were in Calgary during World War I. Alexander died in 1928 and Mary in 1938.

Fraser, Angus

Mr. Fraser came to Calgary in 1870. He was the Hudson's Bay Company manager following John Bunn in that capacity until 1883 when Richard T. Hardisty took over.

Fraser, Duncan Grahame

Duncan Grahame Fraser was born in India. He came to High River in 1883 at age sixteen. In 1886 he married Jessie Spalding. They had three sons and two daughters. Duncan ranched on the Little Bow, then went to High River then Calgary and back to High River. He went to the Yukon in 1898 remaining there until his death in 1911. Jessie moved from High River to Victoria, B.C. in 1907.

Fraser, James

James Fraser came to Calgary in 1885. He was born in 1864 at Peterhead, Scotland and died at Calgary in 1947. In 1883 in Scotland he married Isabell Coutts, who was born there in 1863 and died at Calgary in 1948. They had seven children, two of which were born at Elgin, Scotland the others at Calgary.

Fraser, John

John and Annie Fraser came to Calgary in 1887. They were both born in Nova Scotia, John died at Lethbridge and Annie at Lacombe. Annie was born in 1838 and died in 1920. They had ten children of which five survived. John was a carpenter and built many houses in Lethbridge.

Freebairn, John (Scotty)

Scotty Freebairn came to Calgary in 1884 with a construction crew engaged to construct shacks for the telegraph operators. He was born in 1851 in Scotland and died at Pincher Creek in 1921. John married Agnes McGregor Turner in 1878 in Scotland. She was born there in 1861 and died in 1926 at Pincher Creek. They had one son. Scotty homesteaded on the Indian Farm Creek in the Pincher Creek district. After seventeen years' separation his wife and son joined him.

Freeze, Bertram J.

Bertram Freeze was a brother of Isaac S. Freeze. He came to Calgary in 1888. He had one daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Hunter of Salmon Arm, B.C.

Freeze, Frederick Malcolm

Mr. Freeze came to Calgary in 1885 and in 1901 homesteaded 16-26-29-W4th. He was born at Fredrickton, N.B. in 1857 and died at Calgary in 1931. In 1887 at Calgary he married Helen Jane Sharpe, who was born in 1861 at Moncton, N.B. and died in 1948 at Vancouver, B.C. They had a family of thirteen children.

Freeze, G. Frederick

Mr. Freeze came to Calgary in 1888.

Freeze, Isaac Stanford

Isaac Stanford Freeze was born at Penobsquis, N.B. in 1847 and died at Calgary in 1936. At Moncton, N.B. in 1877 he married Evelyn Agusta Lewis, who was born there in 1853 and died at Calgary in 1925. They had six children, four sons and two daughters. Three of the children were born in Anagance, N.B. Evelyn with the three children came to Calgary in 1884. Iaaac had come to Calgary in 1882. Three more children were born, two in Calgary and one in Winnipeg. Isaac opened the first grocery store in Calgary which was on Atlantic Avenue (9th Ave.)

Freeze, Webster Daniel

Webster was also a brother of Isaac Freeze and came to Calgary in 1888. He was born in 1852 at Penobsquis N.B. in 1852 and died at Calgary in 1940.

French, Lafayette

Lafayette French was a buffalo hunter, a trader and a prospector. He built a trading post at Blackfoot Crossing and in 1887 formed a partnership with O.H. Smith. In 1879 he moved to High River Crossing and built a stopping place, also was engaged in cattle raising and farming. French was born in 1840 in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and died at High River in 1912. He spent a great deal of his time searching for the lost Lemon Mine.

French, Lucien (Lou)

Lou French came to High River in 1883. He was born at Independence, Iowa, U.S.A. in 1851 and died in 1930 at Sequin, Washington. In 1884 at Edmonton he married Mary Jane Bunce, who was born there in 1859 and died in 1926 at Huntington, Oregon. They had one son, born in Edmonton and a daughter born at Yakima, Washington. Lou and Charlie French, half brothers to Lafayette homesteaded adjoining quarters below the High River Horse Ranch. Lou later moved to the United States.

Fulham, Caroline (Mother)

A colorful character of the 1880's, she lived just west of the Court House on Angus Avenue (now 6th Ave.). At the rear of the property in an old stable she kept a cow and some pigs. She gathered swill daily from the hotel kitchen downtown in a barrel attached to the back of a little democrat that she drove. Caroline Fulham had two children.

Fullerton, Thomas Kerr

Thomas Kerr Fullerton was born in 1852 at Wooler, Northumberland, England and died in 1913 at Calgary. He married Sarah Jane Redpath, who was born in 1854 and died at Calgary in 1899. They had eleven children, the last three dying at birth. The first three children were born in England. The fourth was born in Michigan in 1882 while enroute to Calgary. The family travelled by covered wagon drawn by two oxen from Swift Current to Calgary prior to the railway. Thomas homesteaded a quarter section on the Elbow river. He was a carter and a butcher.

Fulmer, Leonard Crane

Leonard Fulmer was born at Economy, N.S. He married Jennie Webster. They came to Banff in 1883 and had six children, three daughters and three sons. The family moved to Red Deer in 1900 where they resided for a few years. Later they moved to the U.S.A. No further information is available.

Fulmer, Walter Palmer

Walter Fulmer came to Banff in 1887. At Banff in 1892 he married Minnie Petrie and they had two daughters. Walter died at Banff in 1948. Minnie was born in 1868 at Holstein, Ontario and died at Banff in 1962.

Furman Charles E.

Charles E. Furman came to Fort Macleod in 1888. He and his brother John Jacob founded the Milk River Cattle Company.

Furman, John Jacob

John Jacob Furman and his brother Charlie came to Fort Macleod in 1888 and founded the Milk River Cattle Company. He was born in 1871 at Barker City, Oregon and died at Fort Macleod in 1956. In 1889 at Mountain View he married Elizabeth Pratt, who was born at Nottingham, England and died at Fort Macleod in 1964. They had eight children, four boys and four girls. John farmed west of Fort Macleod and later north of Fort Macleod owning race horses. For a period he did beef cutting for a group of farmers.

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