Pioneer Profiles : Q

Quail, John Douglas

John Quail a wagon maker, was recorded as a charter member of the Masonic Alberta Lodge No. 3 located in Fort Macleod in 1888.

2004 Addendum.

Quigley, James

James Quigley was born in March 1857 in Scotland and died in February 1930 at Cochrane, Alberta. He was married in Scotland in 1876 to Annie Lawson, who was born on October 10, 1858 in Scotland and died April, 1940 at Cochrane. They had thirteen in the family. James was a miner and settled in Westvllle, N.S. when he came to Canada first. In 1884 the family moved to Lethbridge and in 1885 they went to Cochrane, Alberta. Mrs. Quigley laid the corner stone of Saint Andrew church in 1910.


Quinn, Edward C.

Edward Quinn was born in 1862 at Orillia, Ontario and died at Okotoks, Alberta in 1933. He married Elizabeth Ellen Meredith in 1904 at Fort Macleod, Alberta. Elizabeth was also born at Orillia, Ontario. They had a family of three children. Edward bought land and settled east of Okotoks in 1882.


Quinton, Robert Henry

Robert Quinton was born April 2, 1865 at Meaford, Ontario and died at Okotoks on September 26, 1934. He was married in Ontario on March 28, 1888 to Agnes Parker McLeod who was born April 3, 1868 and died at Okotoks on March 3, 1918. They had six children. Robert and family arrived at Okotoks in 1889.


Quirk, John

John was born and married in Ireland. His wife was Katherine (Kate) Dempsey, who was born at Detroit, Michigan, USA. Mrs. Quirk joined John in Montana. John was a trader. Mounted Police records show that they were met by him in the Cypress Hills in 1873. They trailed their herd north in 1882, settling at the Highwood Crossing. In 1887 they moved to the north fork of the Sheep Creek. The Kew settlement and Post Office was named after the Quirks 'Q' brand. There they prospered, running nearly 2000 head of cattle, on 6000 acres of deeded land and lease. In 1912 Quirk sold out to Pat Burns, and the Quirks returned to the Detroit area, where they finished out their lives.