Pioneer Profiles : V

Vaille, Charles

Charles Vaille was born in 1869 at Pueblo, Colorado. He was travelling to the Yukon with a cattle drive but left at Pend Oreille Lake, coming through the Crowsnest Pass in 1887. For a time he worked for P. Burns, holding beef cattle in Banff , then he moved west to Armstrong, B.C. where he met and married Agnes May Tilton. They then went west to Golden, Washington, a tent gold mining town, where he ran a butcher shop. They left there and went to Fort Macleod in 1893 and he worked at the Oxley and Waldron Ranches. They had a family of twelve children. Charles Vaille died at Fort Macleod in 1953.


Van 'Tighem, Rev. Fr. Leonard

Rev. Van Tighem was born at West Flanders, Belgium and died at Taber in 1917. He joined the Oblate Order being ordained at St. Albert. He came to Fort Macleod and Pincher Creek in 1873. His first mass was celebrated at Lethbridge in 1884 and he had his first church in 1887.


Van Wart, John Gerow

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John Van Wart was born in 1838 in Queen's County, N.B. and came to Calgary in 1883. He had married Martha Jane Jones in 1860 in Prince William, York County, N.B. Martha Van Wart came to Calgary in 1884. They had four children. John became a member of the first Civic Committee in Calgary on January 4, 1884. His brand, JV, was registered in 1885.


Vanwart, Mable

Mable Vanwart arrived in Calgary on May 24th, 1884.

2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD membership application files, Re: Martha Jean MacDonald.

Vaselanek, Michael

The family came to Lethbridge in 1887 and resided there until 1893. They returned to Europe for five years and then came back to Lethbridge where Michael died in 1940 and his wife in 1945. Michael was born in 1858 in Visnyi, Slovinsky, Austria-Hungary. He married Anna Petras also of Austria-Hungary. They had six children.


Vaudin, Edward Henry Osborne

Edward Vaudin was born on the Jersey Islands and died on Vancouver Island. He married and had three children. Edward fought in the Riel Rebellion and in 1885 bought land on 3-24-4- W5th and in 1893 took up a Military Grant on 5-24-4-W5th which he sold in 1897. He left for the Yukon in 1898 and became a gold assayer, later returning to B.C.


Vaughan, J. W.

Mr. J. W. Vaughan purchased from Mr. Merrill a flooded coal mine in 1886 and located a coal seam at Coal Creek in 1887.

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Vaunart (Vanwart)

Mr. Vaunart was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1885.

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Verey, Dr. George

Dr. George Verey came to Morley in 1875. He was a Medical Officer and teacher at the Morleyville Mission.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography


Vicary, Travers F.

Travers Vicary who was employed as a clerk arrived in the Okotoks area in 1887.

2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD membership application files.

Vincent, S.

Mr. Vincent was reported to be one of the men who took part in the Cypress Hills Massacre in 1865.

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Vine, Agrippa (Grip)

Agrippa Vine was born in England and died at High River in 1939. He married Nicholes M. Hitchell in 1914 and they had an adopted son. Nicholes Vine died at Turner Valley in 1953. Agrippa and his brother Walter came from Wisconsin to Canada in 1885. They sub-contracted on the C&E Railway from Edmonton to Fort Macleod and on the Crowsnest Pass Railroad. In 1889 they settled on the south side of Sheep Creek and took up ranching. In 1910 they traded their ranch for the TL ranch on Sullivan Creek. In 1916 they sold their ranch and moved to a farm at Fosk, on the south fork of the Highwood River. Agrippa remained on the farm after his brother left and he was representative for his district on Council. He retired to High River where he died.


Vine, Walter

Walter Vine was born in England and died in 1920 at Vancouver, B.C. He came from Wisconsin to Canada with his brother, Agrippa. They sub-contracted on C&E Railway from Edmonton to Fort Macleod and on the Crowsnest Pass railroad. They settled on the south side of Sheep Creek in 1885 and took up ranching three miles west of the present site of Turner Valley. In 1910 the Vine brothers traded their ranch for the TL Ranch on Sullivan Creek. In 1916 they sold their ranch and moved to a farm at Fosk, on the south side of the Highwood River. They dissolved their partnership in 1919 and Walter moved to Vancouver, B.C. He was not married.


Vogel, William August Max

William Vogel was born in Germany in 1866. He married Marie Hoening at Winnipeg in 1888. They had two children. Mr. and Mrs. Vogel came to Medicine Hat in 1889 and homesteaded south-east of there. In 1891 they moved to Edmonton, and established the Vogel Meat and Packing Company. Mr. Vogel was an Alderman in Edmonton in 1911.


Votier, James

Mr. and Mrs. Votier came to Fish Creek in 1872. They squatted on land that would yield a good garden and ideal for trading with the Indians. James Votier was one of the prospectors that traveled from California to Montana and the Caribou. He met up with Sam Livingston, John Glenn, Kootenai Brown, Jim Gibbons and others that made the treacherous trek through the Kicking Horse Pass in 1864 in search of the South Saskatchewan River where reports said that gold was there for the panning. The group was lost and so discouraged that they disbanded. He met up with Sam and John again. They decided that panning for gold was too hard a way of life and with the example of Rev. McDougall, they turned to trading and farming.


Von Mielecki, Alexander (Frederick Carl Staneslaus)

Alexander Von Mielecki was born in Germany in 1854. He came to Calgary in 1886 and was married to Louise Wilhelmina Hedwig Quitterbaum. They had five children. He was a rancher in this area.


Vrooman, Rev. W.

Rev. Vrooman came to Red Deer in 1886 as a Methodist Missionary student. He served until 1888 when he was replaced by a Mr. Dickensen. Hat in 1957