Pioneer Profiles : P

Pace, Fred

Fred Pace, a former member of the NWMP, operated a trading post at Standoff with Jimmy Murray in the 1880s. The post was located 2.5 miles above the junction of the Belly and the Kootenai Rivers.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Alberta History, published summer 1962.

Paisley, Jared (Jerry)

Jared Paisley was born in Weston, Ontario and came west in 1880. In 1881 he was in charge of the Indian farm at Pincher Creek. He was employed by the Indian Department at the Peigan Agency for several years. Jared and Anne Paisley had one son and ranched at Beaver Creek in the Porcupine Hills in 1888.


Paje, Robert

Robert Paje, born in England, was recorded at the age of 21 a resident farmer in the District of Red Deer in the Census of 1891.

2004 Addendum.

Paling, Richard

Richard Paling was born in London, England and died in 1915 at Lashburn, Saskatchewan. He and his family came to DeWinton in 1889. Two of the seven children were born at DeWinton. His second wife was Marina Laura Savage. Richard built the Old Minto house at DeWinton and ran a grocery store there. He left in 1910 for Lashburn, Saskatchewan.


Palliser, John

John Palliser was born in 1817 at Co. Waterford, Ireland, and died there in 1887. He did not marry. In 1857 he commenced an exploration journey to the Rockies which was completed in 1861. He was awarded the Companion of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) in 1877. His report to the British Government concerning the feasibility of a trans-continental Railway across Canada was adverse in its recommendation. He also said that the prairies were not suitable for agriculture.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography


Pallister, Guy

Mr. Pallister was born in 1873 at Sheffield, England and died at Turner Valley in 1958. He married Evelyn Matchette who was born in Ireland in 1893 and died in Calgary in 1963. They were married in 1915 and had a family of thirteen children. Pallister came to High River in 1888 and worked on several ranches until 1910. He managed the Mackie and TL Ranches for several years. From 1923 to 1947 he managed the Lineham Ranch for P. Burns. He retired in 1947 and lived in Turner Valley until his death.


Paris, William Sr.

Mr. Paris came to Lethbridge in 1887. He died January 4, 1917.


Parker, Henry

Henry Parker is recorded as an oldtimer of the 1880s located south of Cowley in the Pincher Creek area.

2004 Addendum. Ref: History of the Early Days of Pincher Creek p. 26-28.

Parker, William. & Mary

William Parker, born August 15, 1853 at New Romney, Kent, came to Canada with an older brother in 1871. He joined the NWMP in 1874 and was posted to Fort Macleod October 23, 1876 where he accompanied The Treaty Commissioners to Blackfoot Crossing for the signing of Treaty No. 7. He married Mary Margaret Calder, a Metis girl, in August 1882, and they had three children, Maud, Gordon Sinclair, and Reginald John. In 1905, as Inspector, he was transferred to Medicine Hat to take charge of the District of Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. Upon retirement he opened a Real Estate and Insurance office. He died 16 May, 1945 and was buried beside his wife Mary in Medicine Hats Hillside Cemetery.

2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD files.

Parker, William Frederick

William Parker was born in 1854 at Sherbrook, P.Q. He died in 1920 at Fort Macleod. He married Catherine Horan in 1884. She was born in 1860 in Ontario and died in 1925 at Fort Macleod. They had a family of seven children. William came to Fort Macleod in 1874. Parker joined the NWMP in 1873 and was one of the original members. He served for six years. He purchased a herd of cattle at Fort Whoop Up and was captain of the first round-up in southern Alberta in August 1879. He organized the Macleod Cattle Co. after working for the Indian Reserve from 1885-1887. His ranch was the Silver Lake.


Parlby, Edward M.H.

Edward Parlby was born on September 29, 1865 at Plymouth, England. He died at Calgary on September 17, 1895. He was married to Anne Wilkins who was born in 1873 at Chicago, Ill. and died in May, 1952 at Lacombe, Alberta. They were married in 1896 and had a family of three children. Edward arrived in Calgary in March, 1887.


Parry, Emily Tamar (Dotty)

Miss Parry came with the Gaetz family to Red Deer in 1883. Emily was born June 15, 1879 and died November 10, 1953. She was born at Birkenhead, England and came as an orphan to Canada and was placed in the Gaetz home. She married Thomas Gaetz in 1896 at Red Deer. Thomas and Emily had five children.


Parslow, Victoria

Victoria Parslow came to Calgary in 1870.

2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD membership application files, Re: William Harry Dalgleish, QC.

Parslow, William Mahon

William Parslow was born in 1856 in Ontario and died in 1938 at Calgary. He married Margaret Pepper in 1881 in Ontario. She was born in 1859 and died in Calgary in 1931. They had a family of five children. William and Margaret with three of their children arrived in Calgary in 1886.


Parson, Henry George

Henry Parson came to Regina and Calgary in 1885. He established a merchandise store at Golden, B.C.


Paterson, John

John Paterson was born in Quebec and died in Calgary on April 7, 1907. He married Evaline Earl on January 20, 1885. She was born in Quebec in 1854 and died at Calgary in 1944. They came to Calgary in 1883 with one son, a daughter was born in 1886 at Calgary.


Paterson, John

(see also detailed post-publication profile)

John Paterson was born in Scotland and died in Okotoks in 1909. He married in Scotland. He was accompanied to Canada by his seven children and arrived in Calgary in 1883.

corrected arrival date, revised by JFR, Jan 2024

Patrick, Allan Poyntz D.L.S. (Dominion Land Surveyor)

Allan Patrick was born in Montreal, P.Q. in 1849 and died at Calgary April 8, 1948. He was married in 1887 to Marguerite C. MacPherson who was born in Pictou, N.S. on June 15, 1865 and died at Calgary in August of 1940. They had a family of seven children. Mr. Patrick was granted a Commission as Dominion Topographical Surveyor and by 1879 was in Alberta where he surveyed much of southern Alberta lands. He served during the Riel Rebellion and started private practice in 1888. Mr. Patrick surveyed Silver City west of Banff as well as a great deal of Calgary and townsites along the railroads.


Patrick, Henry Wallace

Henry Patrick was born in California in 1855 and died in Montana in 1908. He married Anne Murdena MacDonald who was born in Ontario in 1862 and died at Calgary in 1944. They had a family of five children. Henry and Anne were married at Fort Macleod in 1890. Henry was manager of the Circle Ranch at Queenstown after the take over from the Queenstown Colonization Co. He also hauled freight from Fort Benton to Fort Macleod.


Patrick, W.H.

Mr. W. H. Patrick was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1885.

2004 Addendum.

Patterson, Lieutenant Barbara Ann

(see also entry for Robert Leonard Barker)

Lieutenant Patterson who later married Robert Leonard Barker, was part of the advance guard of Salvationists, attending the first meeting of the Salvation Army held in the 1880s held in the old Boynton Building on 8th Ave., Calgary.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Calgary Herald, July 08, 1950.

Patterson, Charles

Charles Patterson homesteaded He homesteaded on the NE 1/4 of Sec.31-20-28 W4M located at the junction on the Sheep and Highwood rivers, in 1887 Ref: Sodbusting to Subdivision.


Patterson, Frances David (Frank)

Born at Rhyll, North Wales in 1871 Frank Patterson was educated in England. In 1889 at age 18 he came to Calgary. For several years he worked on his cousin Frank Beddingfield's ranch south of High River (later known as the E.P. Ranch). Lured by the Klondyke Gold Rush in 1898, he set out with a group of men from Edmonton in an attempt to reach Dawson City overland. They were forced to spend the winter at Lesser Slave Lake, and returned to Edmonton in the spring. Frank Patterson then enlisted in the CMR's and went to the Boer War. On his return he filed on a homestead 23 miles southwest of Calgary, In 1901 he married his first wife, Margaret Wilkin, who was born in 1875 and died in 1902. There was one child. In 1909 he married Edith Grenville who was born in 1875 and died in 1968. They had three children. Frank Patterson farmed on Pine Creek until his death in 1941.

Submitted by Arthur L. Patterson

Patterson, James

James Patterson was born in Texas, USA and died on September 13, 1913 at Fort Macleod. His wife did not accompany him to Canada. He was foreman of the Walrond Ranch in 1883-1884 as well as the Cochrane Ranch for 10 or 12 years. He bought a ranch south of Fort Macleod and sold it in 1909. He shot himself on his land in 1913 and was alleged to have committed a murder in Montana before coming to Canada.


Patterson, Rev. James

Rev. J. Patterson initially came to Winnipeg in 1879, then traveled to Battleford and later on to Fort Walsh where he was the first minister of any denomination in the area.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country.

Patterson, Robert

Robert Patterson was born in Ireland in 1855 and died in 1938 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. He married Sarah Sayers who was born in Ireland and died in 1925 at Fort Macleod. They had a family of six children. Robert joined the NWMP in 1876 and continued service until 1880. He was engaged in ranching until 1900. He built one of the first brick houses at Fort Macleod in 1897.


Pavier, William

William Pavier was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1889.

2004 Addendum.

Payant, Joseph Noi

Joseph Payant came west about 1881 as a construction worker for the CPR, a pursuit he continued with his involvement with the construction of the railway in the Crowsnest Pass. He arrived in Pincher Creek about 1884 where he homesteaded a 160 acre parcel. He married Mary ODAigle and they had four children. They found homesteading not profitable, so they sold out and went to Salmo, BC, where he worked as a logger and miner. He died in 1939 and is buried in Salmo. His wife died in 1958.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass, p. 493.

Payne, William

William Payne came to Winnipeg from England and joined the NWMP the on July12, 1884. He was sent to Regina that winter and then on to Prince Albert. After the Riel Rebellion he was posted to Lethbridge and Fort Macleod. When his five-year term was up he worked as a teamster for the Police between Lethbridge and Fort Macleod for a couple of years. He then worked for the Waldron Ranch in the Porcupine Hills and raised stock in the Mountain View District. He joined the LDS Church 1n 1897 where he held many positions until his death in 1949. He had seven boys and two girls and adopted one boy.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Hardwick Papers, Jan. 12/98.

Peach, A.G. (Tucker)

Tucker Peach was born at Lancashire, England. He was murdered in 1910 by John Fisk, a livery stable owner at Carbon and T.M. Robertson, a CPR Brakeman. Fisk was sentenced to hang, Robertson sentenced to life imprisonment. Tucker homesteaded SE 30-31-21-W4 and filed before 1889. It is near the mouth of the Highwood River. He raised a few horses and did a little farming. He helped build the Hogge home. Tucker was a former miner and prospector and was allegedly wounded in an Indian fight west of High River in 1884. No indication of a marriage.


Peake, Arthur

Arthur Peake was born in 1867 at Gloucestershire, England and died at Bassano, Alberta in 1947. He was married in 1901 at Calgary to Mary Josephine Kiernan who was born in Ireland in 1881. They had five children. Arthur came to Calgary with his brother in 1885, taking up a small ranch in the Pine Creek district. In 1897 he moved to the Red Deer River near Dorothy, Alberta.


Pearce, William

William was born in Ontario, in 1848 and died at Calgary in 1930. He was married to Margaret Meyer in 1881, who was born in 1853 and died at Calgary in 1943. They had a family of seven children and came to Calgary in 1887. William was a Civil Engineer and held several positions in the Dominion Government. Before and after the Riel Rebellion he was in charge of the Metis Land Claims and was the official representative of the Department of the Interior. The Pearce family settled permanently in Calgary in 1887. Mr. and Mrs. Pearce were instrumental in the establishment of the General Hospital. In 1904 he left the Dominion Government and worked in administration of Irrigation and C.P.R. Lands. In 1916, he became a statistician for the C.P.R. Their children were; Frances, Adolphina, Seabury, William E. and John (Twins), William M. and Harry. William Pearce's name was inscribed on Memory's Roll of the SAPD with dates 1873-1883.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Merged with 2004 Addendum.

Pearson, Ezra

Ezra Pearson was born in 1853 at Wolfville, N.S. His family came from Boston, after the American Revolution, because they were United Empire Loyalists. He arrived in the Medicine Hat area in 1882. Ezra drove the first string team of twelve horses with freight, which he used to blaze a trail for freighters from Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, and hence to Macleod. Losing his horses one night while camped near Whitla he followed them south, and discovered one of the best hay meadows in southern Alberta on the flat opposite Redcliff, where the Medicine Hat Ranching Co. afterwards located their ranch in 1884 after he had brought in 200 head of Shorthorns from Ontario. The ranch was located some eight miles south of Seven Persons. Here large herds of cattle ranged until 1909. He was the general manager of Medicine Hat Ranching Co. Ezra died in 1914 at Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 68-69. Submitted by D. McBean

Pearson, George

George Pearson was born on January 23, 1856 in Lincolnshire, England and was married in 1887 at Sherbrooke, P.Q. to Frances Louisa Church who was born in 1854 in Quebec. They had one son, born at Fort Macleod in 1893. George came west in 1881 by ox team, being employed by Senator Cochrane of the Cochrane Ranch. In 1892 he moved to Fort Macleod and purchased a livery stable and stage line. He owned extensive property in Macleod as well as farm interests. In 1898 he bought the trading post of Fred Pace at Stand Off and operated the trading post and post office. He later purchased the old Oxley Ranch at Stand Off and resided there until selling to a Mr. Gross. George was on the town Council of Fort Macleod in 1896, 1898, 1917 and 1918.


Pearson, John L.

John was born at Retford, Nottingham, England and was married in 1895 to Jennie Williams who was born at Dubuque, Iowa, USA. They had two children. In the fall of 1884 John joined the NWMP serving for five years to 1889. He had a ranch at Lee's Creek, Cardston before moving to Wetaskiwin, Alberta.


Peel, J. F.

Mr. J. F. Peel and Mr. Sparrow started Calgary's first brickyard in 1886. It was located where the Roxboro District is now. The Sisters of St. Boniface were offered 25,000 bricks from this yard to build a new hospital.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Bricks of Alberta.

Pelletier, Alfred (Fred)

Mr. Pelletier was born in New Brunswick and died at Lethbridge, Alberta in 1960. In 1895 he married Philomina La Grandeur in Pincher Creek who was born in 1878 in Oregon, USA and died in 1933 at Pincher Creek, Alberta. They had a family of fourteen children. He came to Pincher Creek in 1885.


Pelletier, H.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Pelletier arrived in Lethbridge in 1884. He was born July 15, 1864 and died at Lethbridge in 1954.


Pennefather, Percival William

Percival Pennefather was born on January 27, 1866 at Co. Limerick, Ireland. He arrived in Calgary in 1885 and joined the NWMP where he served on detached duties in connection with the construction of the CPR. He served in Calgary until 1888 when he was promoted to Corporal and was transferred to Regina. His postings after this were: Regina, 1888-1890, Morden, Manitoba 1890-91; 1899-1906 in the Yukon and in 1913 he was appointed Inspector at Fort Macleod and in 1915 posted to Lethbridge as Superintendent, retiring in August 1922. In 1893 he was married to Edith MacDermott who was born in Goderich, Ontario. They had a family of three children. Percival died in 1942 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: Alberta Past & Present p. 214.

Penner, Isabrand

Isabrand Penner is listed in the 1890 homesteader files.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Gleichen Call.

Pepper, Harriet (Cowan)

Harriet Cowan Pepper was born in 1813 at Co. Armagh, Ireland and died in 1905 at Calgary. She was married to Hugh Pepper and they had a family of eight children. Mrs. Pepper widowed in Ontario came to the Springbank district in 1885 accompanied by three of her children. No record of how long she remained there. She died at Calgary in 1905.


Pepper, William

William Pepper came west with Harriet (Cowan) Pepper, the widow of Hugh Pepper and her three children and settled in the Bushy Ridge and Jumping Pound area in 1885.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Big Hill Country, p. 256.

Perkins, Fred H.

Fred Perkins was born in 1876 in Ireland. Fred was employed as caretaker for the Macleod Public school. Archives say that he came to Calgary in 1887.


Perley, Henry A.

Henry Perley was born in 1849 at York County, New Brunswick and died at Calgary in 1933. In 1875 he married Eliza Hammond in New Brunswick. Henry came to Calgary in 1889 where he operated the Alberta Hotel until 1904 when he retired. No record of any children.


Perrenoud, Charles Emile

Charles Perrenoud was born on October 14, 1863 at Basencon, France and died on April 30, 1929 at Cochrane, Alberta. On April 2, 1902 he married Laura Mary Phipps who was born October 16, 1879 at Leicestershire, England. They had a family of three children. Perrenound came to Fish Creek in 1886.


Perry, Charles Calvin

Charles Perry was born in 1861 at Appleton, Maine USA and died at Duffield, Alberta in 1928. In 1890 he married Jessie Elizabeth MacDonald who was born in 1868 in Scotland and died in 1953 at Edmonton, Alberta. They had a family of seven children. Charles Perry came to Calgary in-the early 1880's and worked for Col. Walker, and later William Pearce. He homesteaded in the Stinson Valley district, near Cochrane in 1894. In 1902 he moved to Edmonton, Alberta and started a livery business under the name Ross and Perry. Charles also drove the stage coach from Edmonton to Athabasca landing.


Perry, James and Lettice

Mr. Perry came to Lethbridge in 1884. He was born, January 24, 1846 at Staffordshire England. His wife Lettice was born 1849 in England and died 1939 at Lethbridge. She came to Coalbanks in 1885 with four small children, four were born later in Lethbridge. James Perry mined, ranched and farmed and all his sons did likewise. In 1884 Mr. Perry walked with a group of men from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge to open the Galt mines. In 1907 James and his son James R. opened a coal mine at Magrath and built an inclined railway to bring coal from the river bottom to the bench above.


Peters, Charles

Charles Peters arrived at Poplar Grove, near Innisfail, Alberta by wagon in the fall of 1889. He farmed in the Innisfail area, then Ghost Pine Lake and Knee Hill Valley where the Peters place was a halfway house. Charles died at Innisfail on September 3, 1932. His wife was Ann McCardy and they had a family of eight children.


Peterson, Charles Walter

Charles Peterson, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 28, 1868, came to Manitoba in 1886, and on to Calgary in 1890 as an employee of the Dominion Land Office. He began ranching in Calgary and later became Deputy Minister of Agriculture in 1898, Superintendent of Irrigation, C.P. Irrigation & Colonization Co., Calgary 1906. He also held the following positions; President of Western Horse (Stock) Ranchers Ltd., President of Farm and Ranch Review Ltd., President Western Printing and Lithographing Co. His career has been documented in Who's Who and Why for the years 1912, 1921 as well as MacRaes' History of Alberta 1912.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD membership application re: Ann Marie Peterson and MacRaes History of Alberta.

Petra, Matthew

Matthew Petra was born July 24, 1879 in Austria. He came to Lethbridge in 1889 with his family. He married Alice Rosbski. They had two children, Helen and Matthew Jr. Alice died in 1905. Matthew married Katarina Piko in 1905. He operated the M. Petras General store and then worked for the Hudson Bay Store, and later for Chester mines. Matthew was a Union President, School Trustee, and a member of the Southern Alberta Old Timers

Researched by D. Armstrong, May 1992

Petrie, Louis

Louis Petrie came to Calgary in 1886 and was a wholesale grocer.


Pettipiece, Isaac

Mr. Pettipiece came to the Highwood area in 1882, now the R.A. Wallace place. Isaac and his partner, John Potter, raised sheep and horses. He stayed in the area for three or four years, before moving on.


Pettite, F.W.

Mr. F. W. Pettite was an Insurance Agent and agent for the Cunard Line with his office next door to Dr. Lindsays, on Stephen avenue east.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Calgary, Her Industries & Resources March, 1885.

Peyto, E. William (Bill)

Bill Peyto was born in 1869 at Kent, England and died March 23, 1943 at Banff, Alberta. He came to Calgary in 1887. Later he moved to Banff where he worked as a guide and as a warden for the Government, from which he retired in 1937. He had one son. Peyto Lake on the Banff-Jasper highway was named after him.


Phillips, Walter F.

Walter Phillips was born in England in 1876 and died March 14, 1948 at Kew, Alberta. He married Elfie Mabel Idele Shaw who was born in England in 1876 and died March25, 1903 at Calgary. They had one daughter. Phillips came to Midnapore in 1887. Walter's second wife was Georgina Mary Scott who was born February 28, 1879 at Battleford, Saskatchewan and died February 17, 1982 at Calgary, Alberta. They were married in 1903.


Phipps, John

John Phipps was born on December 22, 1849 at Leicstershire, England and died at Cochrane, Alberta June 1, 1935. He was married in 1874 in England to Agnes Mary Wilson who was born in 1855 and died on January 26, 1949. They had a family of six children. John Phipps was foreman of a construction gang working on the CPR for two years. He homesteaded in the Horse Creek area around Cochrane, Alberta in 1884. Mrs. Phipps and four of the children arrived in 1888.


Pickering, John

John Pickering was born in 1853 in Pennsylvania, USA and died at Calgary in 1923. He was married in 1873 to Rachel Lovett who was born in 1849 in Pennsylvania and died in Calgary in 1919. They had a family of four children. They came to Anthracite in 1886.


Pidgeon, Phillip

Phillip Pidgeon was the CPR station agent at Morley in 1888 and moved to Red Deer in 1893 when the new station was built.


Pierce James

Mr. Peirce came to Lethbridge in 1884. He was born 1853 and died 1914. His wife Mary came in 1885 and died in 1930. They had two daughters and three sons. Jim and Mary came from Teton, Montana bringing with them an excellent herd of horses and cattle to Pierce's Bottom north of Galt Mine No.6. Later he ranched on the Pothole Coulee and then he moved to the Brooks area.


Pilling, Richard & Catherine

Richard Pilling, born November 28, 1833 in Waddington, Yorkshire, England, came with his parents to the USA in 1850. After living in Missouri and Iowa for several years, he moved to Kaysville, Utah where he married in 1856 Miss Catherine Adams, who was born in England in 1838. They farmed at Layton, Utah until 1889 when he moved his family with eight of his ten children to Aetna, Alberta near Cardston, arriving July 13, 1889. They brought 100 head of Durham cattle and about 50 head of horses where he homesteaded the S 1/2 of Sec.30-2-24-W4M. Eventually owning 1,600 acres in the area. Richard died December 28, 1906 at Aetna, Alberta. Catherine died at Cardston, October 10, 1935.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: Hardwick Papers.

Pinhorn, Stanley

Stanley Pinhorn managed The Oxley Ranch when it was reorganized as the New Oxley in 1885.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leaves from the Medicine Tree p. 256..

Pinkham, William

Cyprian William Pinkham was born November 11, 1844 at St. John's, Newfoundland and died at Calgary July 18, 1928. He was married in 1868 to Jean Ann Drever who was born on May 6, 1850 and died February 1, 1940 at Calgary. They had a family of seven children. William was the first Anglican Bishop of Calgary in 1888. The diocese covered an area of over 300,000 square miles. Mrs. Pinkham was disturbed because there was no hospital in Calgary in 1888 and many women were dying in childbirth as well as laborers being injured on the job and left unattended. She and other ladies of Calgary organized teas, dances, concerts, dinners and raised enough money to have the first hospital opened in a house on 7 Avenue S.W. Mrs. Pinkham was the President of the new hospital board. Expansion came with a new stone building on 12 Avenue East which was later to become the isolation hospital.


Pipes, Ames Brown

Ames Pipes came to Lethbridge in 1885.

2004 Addendum. Ref: SAPD membership application files, Re: Jean Pamela Fuller.

Pitkin, Henry

Mr. Pitkin came to Calgary from Winnipeg in 1881. He was employed with the C.P.R.


Podger, George Sidney

George Podger was born at Lakefield, Ontario in 1865 and died in 1955. He was married to Elizabeth Swan before coming to Calgary in 1888 where he was employed by McCalrin's Flour Mills. Their children were Vietta, Elizabeth and George.

Researched by Clarence Davis

Podger, William

William Podger was born in London, England. He had one daughter. He ranched on the Little Bow 1886-1889, then sold out to Geo. Ross for $3.00 an acre. He moved to Calgary, becoming a partner of Ellis & Grogan, Brokers. Later he returned to England.


Poile, Herbert

Mr. Poile came to the High River district in 1889. He was a grain buyer.


Pollinger, Polly

Polly Pollinger was reported to be a famous Stage Coach driver on the Macleod to Lethbridge in the 1880s.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leaves from the Medicine Tree.

Pollock, William

William Pollock was born August 19, 1854 at Kars, Ontario and he died in 1929 at High River, Alberta. He filed on the SW 24-19-24-W4th; later sold this land and purchased part of Sec. 28- 19-29-W4. This land also was sold; then he lived part time in High River and part time at Nanton. He lost most of his right finger and his arm was stiff at the elbow, which made it very difficult for him to farm. William arrived in the Calgary area in July of 1884.


Pope, T. F.

Mr. T. F. Pope, born in Quebec in 1845, joined the army at 18 years of age and entered Quebec Rifles in 1863, and in 1870 he was sent to combat in the Riel Rebellion. In 1873 the militia was transferred to the first NWMP force where he served until Fort Macleod was established in 1874. Pope remained there until 1882 when he retired and went ranching. He was granted a 1/4 section of land on Mill Creek and he homesteaded the adjoining 1/4 section. In 1929 he moved to Pincher Creek where he lived until his passing in 1931 at age 86. His wife predeceased him in 1915, they had eleven children.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass, p.567.

Porter, R.

Mr. R. Porter drove Mr. Adsit from Irvine to the Cypress Hills where the Adsit family established a ranch in the 1880s.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 60.

Porter, Samuel

Samuel Porter was born 1835 in Ireland and died on May 10, 1904 at Medicine Hat, Alberta. He was married in Ireland in 1857 to Mary Dundass who was born in 1837 in Ireland and died in 1893 at Medicine Hat. They had a family of ten children. Samuel and Mary arrived at Medicine Hat in 1883.


Potter, John

John Potter homesteaded on the Highwood in partnership with Isaac Pettipiece, later the R.A. Wallace place, where they ran sheep and horses. He stayed for three or four years. John held large leases on Nose Creek with a William Pettipiece who filed on W 1/2 12-26-2-W5 in 1885 and A.G. Pettipiece also filed on the NW 1-26-2-W5th in August of 1886.


Potts, James

James Potts was born in 1828 at Pebbles, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and died in 1918 at Morley, Alberta. He was married to Jessie Johnston who was born in 1838 at Coburg, Ontario and died in 1911 at Morley, Alberta. They had a family of seven. James homesteaded in Morley district and worked for David McDougall until filing SW 28-26-6-W5 in 1895. He also homesteaded the NW 1/4 of the same section in 1906.


Potts, Jerry

Jerry Potts was born about 1840. His father was Andrew Potts, a Scot employed by American Fur Co. at Fort MacKenzie on the Missouri River. His mother, named Crooked Back was a member of the Black Elk band of the Bloods. In 1874 he was engaged by Assistant Commissioner Macleod at Fort Benton as guide and interpreter. Potts experience was invaluable to the Force in its first years in the west. In 1877 he acted as interpreter at the signing of Treaty No.7. He continued to serve the Force until his death at Fort Macleod in 1896. He was buried in the Police Cemetery, Fort Macleod, 1874.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography


Poulton, Georg H.

A fireman for the City of Calgary in 1888.


Pound, William Thomas

William was born February 28, 1863 at Battersea, Ontario. Came west with the NWMP, and he served for several years; returned east in 1888, returning to Calgary in 1904. He was employed at Cushing Mills for twelve years, then he joined the C.P.R. as a wood mechanic, retiring in 1930. He married Annie in 1889 and they had a daughter and two sons. William was a member of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers, of the NWMP Veterans' Association, and was active in his church. William died at Calgary, in 1938. Mrs. Pound's maiden name was Julianna Rancier.

Submitted by Shirley Cox

Powell, Hunter

Hunter Powell came from Montana in 1884 and was considered one of the smoothest and best of cowboys. He worked for the Bar U from 1884 until 1888, then ran the Mosquito Creek wagon and worked for the Stock Association until 1894 when he left the country.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leaves from the Medicine Tree p. 274.

Power, J. W.

Mr. J. W. Power was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1889.

2004 Addendum.

Pratt, Frederick

Frederick Pratt was born on December 20, 1864 at Toronto, Ontario and died at Canmore, Alberta on December 10, 1957. He clerked at King George Hotel in Calgary and then at the Canmore Hotel.


Pratt, Robert & Andrew

Robert born in 1846 and Andrew born in 1847, came from Kingskettle, Fifeshire, Scotland to the Pine Creek District in 1883. Andrew homesteaded the NE 1/4 of Sec.14-22-1-W5M and Robert SE 1/4 of Sec.14-22-1-W5M. Blacksmiths by trade they were both active at farming. They also acquired the SW 1/4 of Sec.13-22-1-W5M and by 1899 they had bought W 1/2 of Sec.14-22-1-W5M. They were active in Church and School affairs, and Roberts offer of the site for the proposed Presbyterian Church was accepted at a congregational meeting in 1889. After the death of Andrew in 1900, Robert returned to Scotland and brought his sister, Margaret Anderson and family, back to the farm. Robert died in 1929.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Sodbusting to Subdivision, p. 406.

Prestwich, Harold & Florence

Harold Prestwich, born at Yorkshire, England in 1868, came to Gleichen in 1890. He squatted on NE 1/4 of Sec.2-23-23-W4M and remained there until the land was legally homesteaded. He married Florence Wakefield in London , England in 1899, and they returned with a son in 1901. Harold lost his arm in 1926 but continued farming and eventually had to rent his land. There were five boys and two girls in the their family. Mrs. Prestwich died in 1951.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Gleichen Call.

Prestwich, Percy & Elizabeth

Percy Prestwich, born in Yorkshire, England in 1864, came to Gleichen in 1884. He homesteaded SE 1/4 of Sec.24-22-23-W4M in 1890 and resided in the Gleichen district until 1912. In 1909 he married Elizabeth Wagstaff, who was born in England in 1876. They had a family of three boys and three girls. He served with the military from 1916 to 1918. He was Indian Agent at Standoff, Alberta for the Blood Indian Reserve, 1919-1920. He farmed at Delburne, Alberta but in 1920 he returned to Fort Macleod where he joined APP as a stock detective and brand inspector. He retired to Calgary in 1923. He died in 1944 and his wife died in 1949.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Gleichen Call, p. 66.

Priddis, Charles T.

Mr. Charles Priddis was born in 1844 at London, England and died in 1921. He joined the gold rush to California in 1849, as well as being in the Fenian Raids. He then went to Texas for fourteen years ranching, cotton growing as well as freighting. He came to Calgary with a C.P.R. survey crew, probably as a wrangler and packer as he was not a surveyor. In 1881 he was detailed to winter the animals for the survey crew of the C.P.R. In 1883 he took part in the Rebellion and returned to his homestead the NE 1/4 22-22-3-W5th. Mrs. Priddis and their four children remained at London, Ontario. She opened a dry goods and grocery store and took up a farm on the outskirts of London. Charles donated the land for the Priddis school as well as loaning his home for classes until the school was completed. He also donated land for the Priddis Farmers and Ranchers hall and St. James church.


Prim, John

Mr. and Mrs. Prim came to Lethbridge in 1883. John was born in Somersetshire, England in 1855- he died 1927 at Lethbridge. His father was a sexton clerk at Field Church. Mrs. Binning of Lethbridge was one of seven sisters of John.


Primeau, Joseph

Joseph Primeau from Quebec to Pincher Creek in 1890. He worked on Alberta Ranches and he raised six children.

2004 Addendum. Ref: History of the Early Days of Pincher Creek .

Primrose, P. C. H.

Mr. P. C. Primrose was Superintendent of the NWMP in the Macleod district in the 1880s.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leavings by Trail- Granum by Rail.

Prince, John Enoch

John Prince, born at Eau Claire, Minnesota, came to Calgary as Chief Engineer at Eau Claire Sawmills in 1886. He helped Calgary Water Power in 1899. The company continued to supply light to the City until it was purchased by The Calgary Power Co. in 1926. His wife, Marie, had two daughters and one son.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Calgary Herald Obituary, SAPD Files.

Prince, Peter Anthony

Peter Prince was born in 1840 at Trois Rivere, Quebec and died in 1925 at Calgary. He was married in 1857 in Ontario to Margaret Corrigan who was born in 1840 at Trois Rivere, Quebec and died at Calgary in 1898. They had two children. Peter came to Calgary with Eau Claire Lumber Co. in 1886. He was interested in many commercial projects, including the electric plant, Calgary Water Power Co., Calgary Milling Co., Calgary Iron Works, Prince-Kerr Ranch Co. In later life he married Mrs. Emily Whitlock of England.


Pritchard, Solomon

Solomom Pritchard, born in 1863 at the HBC Fort at Rocky Mountain House, lived near the Sharphead Reservation prior to 1885, where his father worked for the HBC. During the Riel Rebellion of 1885, Solomon and his family members were held captive for two months by the Indians. Between 1885 and 1905 Solomon hauled freight, by Red River Cart, between Swift Current and Battleford. After 1905 he went to Havre, Montana and for many years worked on area ranches. He had a family of ten children. His wife died in 1944. .

2004 Addendum. Ref: Article by Henry Stelfox, SAPD Files.

Pritchard, Rev. J.

An Anglican minister at Lethbridge in 1886.


Pruden, James

James Pruden homsteaded on W 1/2 of Sec.32-34-1-W5M in May, 1888.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Olds First.

Pruen, W. B. T.

Mr. W. B. Pruen was a lessor shareholder of the Military Colonization Company and occupied the eastern part of the property in 1885. He was granted a homestead there in 1888.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Tales of Two Townships, the Story of Dalemead, Indus & Shepard.

Ptolemy, Thomas

Thomas came to Lethbridge in 1886. He was married to Carrie Elizabeth Ott on September 3, 1887, in Lethbridge.


Puffer, William Franklin

William Puffer was born in 1861 at North Crosby, Ontario and died in 1948 at Lacombe, Alberta. He was married at Southboardman, Michigan on July 1, 1885 to Charlotte Ann Gilmore. They had seven children. William was a son of a United Empire Loyalist, came to Alberta in 1889 and homesteaded in the Olds district. He was later engaged in the cattle and lumber business moving to Lacombe in 1893. He was a director of the Lacombe General Hospital and of the Lacombe Creamery Ltd. A member of the school board from 1893, 94 and 1896-1902; member of the town council 1903- 1906. He represented Lacombe in the Alberta Legislative Assembly from 1905 to 1917.


Pullar, William

William Pullar is listed as the father of Glen Pullar born in Calgary in 1883.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Alberta Index for Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations 1870-1905.

Purcell, Thomas Lee

Thomas Purcell was born in 1829 at Cincinnati, Ohio USA and died in 1910 at the Baldwin Ranch on the Little Bow near Lethbridge. He ranched on the Little Bow in 1887.


Purmal, Charles

Charles Purmal was born in 1873 in Latvia, and he died in June of 1963 at Vancouver, B.C. He was married at Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1898 to Mary Elizabeth Wetman who was born in 1874 and died in 1953 at Vancouver, B.C. They had a family of five children. Charles homesteaded a section of prairie land which is now part of Medicine Hat. With his brother built and operated the Medicine Hat Brick Co. Owing to a heart condition Charles was advised to move to Vancouver, so in 1912 the brickyard was sold and the family moved to the coast.