Pioneer Profiles : N

Naessens, Rev. Albert O.M.I.

Father Albert Naessens, born in Courtrai, Belgium in 1864, came to Canada and was ordained in 1889. The following year he came to the Southern Missions in Alberta and became the school principal of the Dunbow Industrial School. He remained there for 11 years during which he gave expression to his natural interest in field sports. He was given a leave of absence to return to Belgium and on his return he remained at the school until 1907. He was appointed first pastor of Sacred Heart Parish after it had been erected and he remained for three years. In 1914 he went to St. Albert where he was Superior after 1936. He died in 1942 at Battleford, Saskatchewan.

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Nash, Harold Holsworth

Harold Nash, born at Toronto on February 9, 1856, was eighteen years old when he joined the NWMP. In 1874 he was posted to Fort Whoop-Up, and then to Fort Qu'Appelle. After eight years with the Mounted Police he took to farming near Battleford in 1880. He married Emily Harriet Hutchinson of Toronto in 1884. Harold worked as a scout during the Riel rebellion and it was then that their first child, Mary, was born 29 March, 1885. After the rebellion Mr. Nash acted as a guide and later was farm instructor at Fort Battleford for three years. He later joined the Indian Department and was posted to the agencies at Poundmaker, Thunderchild and finally to Macleod-Piegan in 1892. Their family by this time included along with Mary, five other girls and six boys. Harry saw service with the Canadian Rifles during the Boer War, and returned in 1889 in poor health. Emily passed away in 1915 and Harry in 1923.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Daily Colonist, Victoria BC, May 15, 1923.

Neale, Steele

Steele Neale was a stage coach driver in the Pincher Creek area in the 1880s.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leaves from the Medicine Tree.

Neidig, Andrew and Elizabeth

Born in Germany, May 18, 1866, Andrew Neidig came to Lethbridge July 15, 1888, with his father, John A. Neidig. Andrew was a Carpenter for Alberta Railway and Coal Company. Married Elizabeth 1889, in Lethbridge. She was born June 21, 1865 in Schleisheim, Germany. She came to Canada in 1876, to New Hamburg, Ontario, and thirteen years later moved to Lethbridge. They had three daughters: Mrs. George Mitchell, Mrs. E.A. Powell, and one died as a child.

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Neidig, John

John Neidig emigrated from Germany to North America in the early 1870s bringing his family over a few years later. After working in various parts of Canada and the USA, he came to Lethbridge July 2, 1887 where he was a carpenter for the A.R.&I. Co. He later took up a homestead in the West Lethbridge area. During times of flood in the early 1900s their home, built partly of stone on the side of a coulee, was a haven for many neighbors. John died in May, 1914 and his wife, Dorothy, in June 1931.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Bend -West Lethbridge.

Nelson, Andrew

Andrew Nelson was listed as a resident of Calgary in the 1891 Census. He died November 16, 1937. He was an employee of C.P.R. in the Irrigation Department.

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Nelson, John

John Nelson, with other hunters and Indians crossed over from Montana Early in the 1870s., among them was John Nelson.

2004 Addendum. Ref: History of the Early Days of Pincher Creek p. 4-5 and SAPD old membership file card.

Nelson, John A.

Mr. Nelson came to Cardston in 1890. John was born in 1834 at Farmington, Utah. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson raised a family of twelve children.


Nesbitt, David

David Nesbitt was a carpenter who built houses along Dog Pound Creek in the 1880s. A log house built by him in 1889 was still standing in 1977, as well as many others in the Cochrane and Botterell areas.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Big Hill Country, p. 517.

Nesbitt, Joseph

Joseph Nesbitt, born in 1860, died on April 2, 1905, in Fort Macleod.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Alberta Index for Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations 1870-1905.

Ness, John

John Ness was born at Oslo, Norway, 1872 and died at Calgary, in 1937. He was married to Jennie McBain, who was born in Eastern Canada and died at Calgary, in 1926. John came from Norway as a young man with his family to Eau Claire, Wis. and came to Calgary in 1886 when Eau Claire Lumber Co. moved to Calgary from Eau Claire. He was employed as a Sawyer with the Company. John homesteaded the S.E. 1/4 30-22-28 and later bought the NE 1/4 at Shepard, Alberta.


Ness, Ole

Ole Ness was born at Oslo, Norway, October 7, 1870 and died at Calgary, July 9, 1913. He came to Calgary in 1886 with Eau Claire Lumber. Ole operated a sawmill west of Caroline in the early 1900's and was killed in an accident at the mill. He was a single man. He and his brother, John Ness, were brothers-in-law of Conrad Anderson at Shepard.


Neumann, Gus and Theodore

Gus Neumann, raised in Poplar Grove, Manitoba, travelled to Montana in 1882 where he stayed the winter. In the spring of 1883 he came by horseback to homestead on land south of Pincher Creek. In 1888 his brother Theodore came west with a team of oxen and settler effects to homestead on land next to Gus. In the 1890s Gus' other brothers, Ernest and Otto, joined them. In the fall Theodore worked on cattle round-ups and in the winter Gus worked cutting logs for homes. Theodore married Barbara Maine and they had six children. Theodore retired from farming in the 1930s. Mrs. Neumann died in 1944 and Theodore in 1948 at age 77.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass, p. 370.

Nevitt, Richard Barrington

Richard Nevitt was born at Savannah, Georgia in 1850 and died at Toronto, Ontario in 1928. He married Elizabeth Eleanor Beaty in 1878. They had five children. In 1865 he enrolled at Bishop's college school at Lennoxville, Quebec where he remained for three years. He obtained his matriculation at Trinity college in 1868 and enrolled at University of Toronto and the Trinity Medical school. Richard was appointed Assistant Surgeon of the NWMP at a salary of $1,000.00 a year. He accompanied the NWMP on their march west arriving at Fort Macleod, October 13, 1874. Dr. Nevitt drew and painted the scenery as well as the people he met. In 1877 he was at Fort Walsh where he witnessed an historic meeting between Insp. A.G. Irvine and Sitting Bull. During the proceedings he drew the only actual illustration that was ever made of this event. His paintings were the only pictorial representation of several historical events. All are unique to the history of Western Canada. Dr. Nevitt received his discharge in 1878 and returned to Toronto to practice medicine.


Newby, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Newby who went to Morley in 1884, as assistant matron at the Indian Orphanage, married Mr. Walter at the big house of Mr. Hardisty in Edmonton, on October 21, 1886.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Alberta, Past and Present.

Newbolt, Robert W.

Robert died January 16, 1957 at Calgary, Alberta. He worked at the M.C.C. Ranch at Namaka, then ranched in the Indus, area. He came to Shepard 1883.


Newman, F. L.

Mr. F. L. Newman was recorded as a Charter member of Masonic Lodge Bow River No. 1, Calgary, instituted in 1884.

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Newson, Alfred Conyers

Alfred Newson giving his address as Fish Creek, homesteaded SE 1/4 of Sec.36-21-3-W5M in 1889. Later he operated his ranch known as the Grassland at Millarville and was noted for being able to produce hay that had a good yield. In 1894, in partnership with George Lane and J. G. Templeton, they incorporated the Willow Creek Cattle Co. A. C. Newson died in 1901.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Our Foothills Bragg Creek, Kew and Millarville.

Niblock, John N.

John was born 1849 at Scarborough, Ontario and died 1914 at Victoria B.C. His first wife was Isabella Slater who was born in 1851 in Ontario and died in 1890 at Medicine Hat. They were married March 7, 1871. His second wife was Clare Attwood who was born at St. Paul, Minnesota USA and died in 1943 at Burlingame, California. They were married March 30, 1892 at St. Paul, Minn. There were seven children from the first marriage; four sons died in infancy. John was a CPR employee from 1880-1909 and superintendent at Medicine Hat 1886-1900 and Calgary, 1900- 1909. He was heavily involved in building the first hospital in the NWT in 1889 at Medicine Hat. He organized the horticultural society in Calgary. Also was the first president of Children's Aid Society and a director of the Y.M.C.A.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 38-40.

Nicholson, George

George Nicholson came to Medicine Hat in 1888, then was a carpenter working in Ogden in later years.


Nicholson, Joseph

Mr. Nicholson came to Calgary in 1886. In later years he was employed by the street railway.


Nicholson, Joshua

Joshua Nicholson was born May 4, 1859 at Legburthwaite, England, and died in March 1937 at Calgary. He was married in England on December 16, 1882 to Jane Ann Graham, who was born December 22, 1862 in England and died January 11, 1958 in Calgary. They had twelve children. He came to Medicine Hat 1886.


Nicoll, Lucy

Lucy (nee McMillan) Nicoll, born at Chesterville, moved in the late 1880s to Fort Macleod and married James Nicoll who was manager of the McLaren Lumber Co. In 1908 she settled in Calgary and lived there for the rest of her life. A son Archie died in 1929 and George in 1941. Mrs. Nicoll was buried at Burnsland cemetery, October 19, 1954. She was survived by two daughters, Jean and Amelia and a son, James.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Calgary Herald, Oct. 19, 1954.

Niddrie, Rev. John W.

Rev. Niddrie was born September 24, 1863 at Oban, Scotland and died May 4, 1940 at Berens River, Manitoba. He came to Morley 1889.


Niddrie, William

William was born September 18, 1851 in Oban, Scotland and died January 21, 1921 at Olds, Alberta. He was married in England on April 30, 1883 to Hannah Dunning who was born November 5, 1860 and died June 16, 1909 at Olds, Alberta. They had a family of five children. They came to Morley 1890.


Nielson, Gustave

Gustave Nielson, born May 4, 1870 at Gardstango, Malmo, Sweden, arrived at Cardston, Alberta with his wife and brother on June 30, 1890. He worked with his brother Olaf, for Mr. Cochrane, putting up hay for the fall. A year later in the fall, Gustave and Olaf cut logs in the mountains for their single room houses which they built a block apart. The two brothers were in the first brass band at Cardston. Gustave married Caroline Ellen Anderson on April 23, 1890 at Logan, Utah. She arrived with her husband, Gustave in June 1890. Twelve children were born between 1891 and 1916.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Hardwick Papers.

Nielson, Olaf

Olaf Nielson, born October 9, 1862 at Vidarp, Sweden, arrived in Cardston Alberta with his brother Gustave on June 30, 1890. He had married Christina Pherson, 30 March, 1887, at Logan, Utah. Olaf and his brother Gus went to work for Mr. Cochrane. The next summer he worked for Johanos Anderson and J.A. Hammer. In the fall he and his brother Gustave cut logs in the mountains to construct two one-room houses, a block apart in Cardston. Olaf took up a homestead two miles east of town and lived there until 1908, when the family moved back to Cardston. They built a seven-room house and later operated a maternity home. Ten children were born to Christina and Olaf.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Hardwick Papers.

Nier, (Shorty)

Shorty Nier, born in 1863, came from Arizona to Calgary in the early 1880s. He was a scout in the 1885 rebellion, then came south to ride for the Cochrane, the Oxley, the Flying E, and the Bar U Ranches and was involved in most southern Alberta roundups. About 1900, Shorty homesteaded about seven miles west of Crossfield, and until 1910 was in partnership with George McLeod. For years he worked for Frank Collicut and finally sold out to George Murdock who looked after him until his death in 1926.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Leaves from the Medicine Tree p. 450.

Nimmons, Robert

Robert Nimmons, born in Cumberland County, England on October 2, 1854, married Elizabeth Birch at Winnipeg in 1882. She was born June 17, 1863 in England. Although Robert Nimmons had been in Alberta since 1876, it was not until 1890 that he settled in Lethbridge. He worked at various occupations and spent several years in the CPR machine shops. He ranched north of Lethbridge where he proved up on a homestead. They had four children, one son and three daughters. He died at Lethbridge 6 July, 1936. She died 1 December, 1943 at Lethbridge.

2004 Addendum. Ref: The Bend -West Lethbridge.

Nimmons, William

William was born December 19, 1825, Carlyle, England and died October 31, 1920 at Calgary. He was married in 1883 in England to Isabella Burden who was born March 18, 1851 at Edinburgh, Scotland and died March 18, 1936 at Calgary. They had five children. William purchased the North 1/2 of section 8, Bankview and Knob Hill districts now. It was purchased in 1885 from the Hudson Bay Co.; he also had greenhouses on what is now 14 Street and 17 Avenue S.W.


Niven, Robert

Robert was born in 1837 at Kilwinning, Scotland and died in 1897. He was married in Scotland in 1859 to Anne Hopkin who was born in 1842 and died in 1931. Robert and son traveled by C.P.R. to Dunmore taking the coal co. railroad to the end of construction, about 20 miles east of Lethbridge taking the horse and buggy the rest of the way to Lethbridge in 1886. The rest of the family arrived by train July 3, 1886. Robert was a machinist - brought from Nova Scotia to install the machinery for the first mine and to install the machinery to handle the coal cars on the incline. Robert Junior preceded his father, coming to the Lethbridge area in 1885.


Noble, Robert

Robert was born August 3, 1859 at Mulmer, Ontario and died May 25, 1938 at Olds, Alberta. He was married in Ontario, October 22, 1884 to Laura Clarke, who was born December 7, 1865 at Meaford, Ontario and died January 18, 1934 at Edmonton, Alberta. They had a family of four children. They arrived in Calgary, spring of 1890.


Noel, Joseph

Mr. and Mrs. Noel came to Lethbridge in 1885. Mr. Noel operated the first brewery in Coalbanks, located on the river flats.


Nolan, John August

John was born January 13, 1854 at Gothenburg, Sweden and died May 19, 1924 at Calgary, Alberta. He was married in Ontario on May 19, 1889 to Wilhelmina Gordon Scott, who was born January 4, 1864 at Richmond, Ontario and died November 13, 1931 at Calgary. They had a family of three children. John was a retired merchant. Calgary, 1883


Nolan, M.

Mr. M. Nolan was recorded as a member of the Calgary Odd Fellows Lodge in 1886.

2004 Addendum.

Nolan, Patrick James

Patrick was born on March 17, 1864 at Limerick, Ireland and died on February 11, 1913 at Calgary. He was married at Calgary on April 19, 1892 to Mary Elizabeth Lee who was born in Ontario in 1870 and died at Victoria, B.C. in 1963. They had one son. Patrick was called to the Irish Bar in 1885, then came to Canada arriving in Calgary in 1889. He was appointed Kings Council in 1907 and elected to the Senate of the University of Alberta in 1908. Mr. Nolan was a gold medallist in Oratory at both Limerick and Trinity Colleges. He was recognized as the best criminal lawyer practicing in the Province of Alberta.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography


Norrish, John Dawson (Devine)

John Norrish, born in Rawden, Quebec in 1854, joined the NWMP in 1875 and was stationed at Fort Macleod from 1876 to 1879. Then after an honorable discharge he settled on Mosquito Creek in 1880 where he ranched until 1886. John fought in the Riel Rebellion of 1885 and when that stint was finished he purchased the RL Ranch from Charles Lowrie in 1888. he later lived in Calgary in 1902, where he was employed by or owned the Bain Stables. He moved to Victoria BC in 1907, then to Lasquatie, BC and died in 1917. At Calgary, on July 12, 189 he married Frances Maria Dean, born in 1856 in England. They had a family of three children. Frances died in Victoria in 1935.

Merged with 2004 Addendum. Ref: CAD, Nov. 19, 2001.

Norquay, James

James Norquay opened a boot repairing place in Medicine Hat in 1883.

2004 Addendum. Ref: Early History of Medicine Hat Country p. 38-40.

North, John W.

Mr. North came to Calgary in 1886.